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The question above is the billion Naira one that everyone, most especially in Lagos would love to get an answer to. From the body language of the gentleman Pharmacist, it is obvious he would be sticking out his neck once again to vie for the governorship of the state that is the financial & entertainment capital of Nigeria come 2015. He did before in 2007 but lost gallantly.

To actualize his dream of turning around the fortunes of Lagosians (both those from Lagos & other ethnic nationalities), underground work is currently going on. From the little we know as at now, foot soldiers are already coming together to help put together a proper manifesto & formidable team that would help to wrestle power away from the hands of the ruling party in Lagos formerly ACN but now transformed to APC, where the Asiwaju General Bola Ahmed Tinubu reigns supreme.

From what we can perceive, the JayKay for Governor team are already doing their best to look at all the angles through which they feel the main party might want to outmaneuver all others. They have gotten together some very passionate few, who are totally sold out on the ideology of Mr. Jimi Agbaje. 

There’s the very strong belief in that camp that Jimi Agbaje did far better than many people thought he did at the last election in 2007, that if not for the unexpected masterstroke that they felt was played by the ACN in active connivance with INEC in Lagos; when they made sure that only Jimi Agbaje’s picture didn’t appear on the ballot paper on the day of election, they are of the opinion that much more votes would have been gotten from those who would have recognized his picture, and he would have been voted for and most probably would have won the election.

To his faithfuls, they strongly believe that there’s a need for change in Lagos, they believe that the ACN/APC have exhausted all their ideas and that they have nothing new to offer. They also believe that the most credible candidate of all, from any of the parties either APC, PDP, UPN, Labour Party etc is their man- Jimi Agbaje.They even point to the fact that the good performance of Jimi Agbaje at the last election, shows that he has a big chance, pointing to the fact that he posted a good result though he ran on a party-(Democratic People’s Alliance-DPA) that wasn’t that well known. 

In preparation for 2015, the Agbaje team have been doing their best to sensitize everyone, sending out their thoughts via the social media platforms, on what and how they feel about things and what they believe Jimi Agbaje would do, were he to become the next Governor of Lagos. Many celebrities have joined and are still joining the growing team Jaykay, some of those who have come out openly to show their support are the likes of Nollywood top acts Desmond Elliot, Joseph Benjamin, Alex Okoroji, Gbenro Ajibade, Shan George, Bayo Bankole, Yemi Blaq, Wale Adebayo (Sango), Femi Brainard, Femi Branch, Ayo Mogaji and a couple of others. 

Unconfirmed report says that the most likely party through which the renowned pharmacist hopes to prosecute his ambition is the growing Labour Party, where the most visible person in the party is Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, the Executive Governor of Ondo State; another top personality in the party is Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele, former ACN party stalwart in Ekiti, who recently dumped his former party and moved over to the Labour Party in preparation for the upcoming Ekiti State Gubernatorial election sometime in 2014. 

From the feelers we have gotten, there’s the likelihood that what has happened in recent times in Ondo & Anambra State might be the plan for Lagos State too. By that we mean, a scenario where the PDP, knowing they do not have a strong enough candidate to run on their party for the post, might work in support of Jimi Kolawole Agbaje, just so that APC would be ousted. So it’s most likely going to be a hand of Esau, voice of Jacob kind of thing. Major financial & other kind of support is expected powerfully from the center. It’s now like Asiwaju must be shipped out at all cost thing. 

Whoever would emerge as the candidates of the other parties, especially that of the APC would determine a lot of things especially where the voters support would sway. If the APC makes the terrible mistake of choosing an unpopular candidate, it would most likely be catastrophic, so they had better be careful. 

So the next election in 2015 is most definitely going to be very interesting and would be a hard fought one no doubt.  

The man Joseph Olujimi Kolawole Agbaje, is a trained Pharmacist, who graduated from the famous Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, formerly University of Ife. He is the CEO/MD of Jaykay Pharmaceutical & Chemical Company Ltd. He is also a director of many other blue chip companies and one of the brothers of the MD of GTbank Plc, the highly cerebral Mr. Segun Agbaje. It is obvious from the foregoing that he also has the financial muscle to support his aspiration. 


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