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The pictures above are supposedly Karen’s new pictures. The boobalicious one, (never mind that it’s plastic) is red hot in the fiery colour, showing off her twin attacks, the Arsenal & the Manchester. 

She seem to favour this side posture a lot more nowadays, maybe she’s being told that, that’s her best side for pictures, hiding a lot of things from the eye!!! We ain’t sure, but just saying. 

Anyways, is Karen hot or not?


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  • I just like this little girl. No vex jare Karen. At least I old pass u. I like your boldness. Keep shinings. Haters go and die hard. # in Oshiomole's angry voice#.

  • She is ugly,her lips are funny,I jst can't place who she is or her appearance. Aloba I no fit comment on dis girl

  • Aloba my guy me n my cousin's we dey vex 4 u ooo! Na wher u con go during Xmas tym wey gist dey repete??? We need apologies o. Mak I no 4get,naa hot gist ooo,bt d supplier naa sure banker 4 authentic in house gist,( she say Our dear stylist or tianyy (aloba u too try decode na) say d small boy no b d real owner of our bleachhhhh 32 yo sis baby daddy o. She also tell me d owner of d baby daddy born 1st of jan,say d tiga boy na pay as u go deal. Aloba try put topic concern d baby daddy I no say peps wey dey comment on ur blog ar classy n av heard abt d DR. T. The APAPA CHAIRMAN. Aloba try decode I don try.if u wan mak I put mor light,let oda peps comment

  • Dis ghe again,bt one blog said she's in UK 4 cancer treatment! Well my questn is how come her boobs are dis big ?? Hop she's ok sha? MM I notice peps dnt comment alwys on most of ur topics, but why??? Or u want us 2 move 2 stelladimoko OR linda?? So pls I stil love to be on MAESTRO'S MEDIA and av most times TALK to friends n colleagues abt dis blog,bt same complain dat ur Visitors dnt comment,of cos u no its no more intresting,wen der no comments to gossip wit. My little coin o,MR BLOGGER. Happy New Year. Frm Yeees'O

  • Ok now,so everybody nos now? Haa,madam stylist snatch d Apapa man from her best friend n der no more on talkn terms. D hanger is even more now wen she keep d pregnancy cos of greed n to secure future money via d birth of d baby. Nawa 4 Teeeee o.Bad friend