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This Friday, February 7, 2014 just 7 days to the date most know as Valentine’s day (how she missed coming on the 14th must have been a disappointment), the indefatigable style guardian (some call her Nigeria’s own Anna WIntour) Ruth Osime of ThisDay Style, who some of us have tagged the iconic one would hit the big 5-0. Wow!!! That surely calls for a big celebration.  Yeh !Yeh!! Don’t stop salivating yet, Yes! There’s going to be a big party. At least a couple of hundreds would gather.

Hitting 50 is no joke you know, and hitting it while still at the top of your game adds more to the fun. So the social atmosphere in Lagos, the fun capital of Nigeria is going to be at its most exciting come this Saturday, February 8, 2014. All the fashionistas worth their salt or should we saw onions would gather on that Saturday, from about 6pm when the red carpet should have begun at the posh venue known to all as the Red Carpet Hall, located at nos. 9, Oniru Main Road, Lekki, Eti Osa, Lagos, same road where RCCG, City of David is on. You all must get ready for the sure to happen style battle to out do each other on the style stake. We are already betting that all the guests, both male and female would be in their Saturday’s best, from casual elegance to their dinner’s best and more, most surely all would do their best to put their best foot forward.

It’s surely going to be a place to be at, all for the elegant one-Ruth Osime. So her friends the likes of Nkiru Anumudu, Vivienne Chioloji, Grace Egbagbe, Adeola Adewunmi, Deola Bali, Furo Hart, Nikky Ogbuefi etc and the friends of her sisters-Grace Osime & Omome Oloyede and many others would be gathering to celebrate their own. 

We had heard from the grapevine though unconfirmed, that the organisers of the shindig had suggested that the party be held abroad, but since more of the people would be available here, reasons made them change their minds.

So if you have gotten your invite or expecting to get one, then we would see on Saturday. Cheers!!!

Happy birthday Ruth, many more good years to come Insha ALLAH!!!


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  • Who is Vivenne Chiolloji? Nobody but a Fake person. She acted like she's all that and belong whereby she's nothing but a fake ass person. She is nothing but a runz girl just like every othe runz girl. No wonder John Obajuwana dropped her. She is a runz girl for calverton boss forever. Very fake, superficial and not pleasant person. Very totally rude with no morals no wondered she was deported from United States – She used to work and live in Washington and she can never go back. Very fair weather and runs after those so called big girls like Mo Abudu. Very annoying person with no morals or etiquette. She ruined her sister marriage with her ex -husband

  • Totally agree. I had encounter with her one day and she was nothing but rude and she isn't all that. She needs to eat an humble pie. She has a so cAlled spa that doesn't make money to pay the rent. Just a joint for her runz. At her age she's still renting. She lives in a fancy house that was rented instead in Lekki while she belongs at Zoshodi. She can as well buy a decent property in the mainland that she can call her own. But she lives a fake life by renting at Lekki for a ridiculous amount. Very superficial,fake,rude and annoying person that acts like a trust fund kid whereas she is nobody with no pedigree.

  • Haba! Make una take am easy na! They all do runs na! Haba! Is it easy to keep up with the jonses?John obayuwana dey dump all him girls na! He will still dump ene! She too dey live fake life! Has a rented house full of designer clothes! Who is she kidding? I am even suprised ruth is up to 50! I pray everyday that I will never end up like these women! Please lord I must marry o! All these single old women no dey inspire me oh!

  • In my own opinion, I see nothing bad in renting an apartment and using designer. But about Vivienne Chioloji,she acts just too over the top to be living in a rented house with her age.Instead of acquiring all this b
    Vanities stuff for the amount, I believe she might as well invested in buying a house of her own and be set . Vanities upon vanities. BTW, I know couple of people that knows her and they said she's as fake as they come. They said she only talk and nice to certain people from certain level and wondered why when she did not have any rich or pedigree background herself. Look and be seen person with no solid background. They all need to go away as their time has passed. I heard she's now trying to do Oyinbo. Those one might still value her but not any of this money Nigerian men. Please next.

  • Aunty Ruth Osime has a very rich low key Boy friend who she is older than. This guy is so good looking. His name starts with S……

  • Nah wa o Viv, go beg this person o. she ready to tear you apart o. Choi. That pari go full with big gals*cough* Ladies, make una no let your horseband commot that night o. After una go dey cry. The Vultures are out to pari and select the latest oil and gas maga

  • Sunny who is married. Poor Ruth all her aristos wives have probably cursed her. She should have gone up North to look for a Northern aristo who would have married her as 4th wife. All that stuck me about this Viv was the story in City people about taking Grace to a babalawo when her gold went missing. Since then I've used a different eye to look at them. I remember Ruth was very angry with Grace for following her to a dungeon.

  • Viv take Grace to Babalawo? When was that? I didn't hear that story o. All these Lagos so called big girls can not be trusted. They are just too fetish. They will go any extent to do Jazz in other for them to be relevant. I heard some of them travel as far to India and Senegal to do Jazz. Hmmm SMH to someone of them. Take Nike Oshinowo for instance, i heard that she goes to Senegal all the time. And she acted like a prim and proper lady whereas she is nothing but a very phony and hypocrite lady. Ask Fifi Ejindu how they sent her away from Lagos social circle with their jazz. She ran away without looking back. Honestly, they were just too plastic and highly materialistic for a decent man.

  • Na wa for Lagos o,all these abuse for only one person,thot the caption is for Ruth Osime not Vivian Chiologi,make una take am easy o.Instead Pray for this girl to give her life to christ,she has obviously made bad choices in Life,may God give her a 2nd chance at life,we all need it…God's grace

  • Sonnie is not married o. He is divorced… He is driving Ruth crazy, they might get married. Ruth swears that he Fucks her Good.. Hahaaa old pussy

  • Viv. took Grace to Babalawo? Wow, I didn't hear that story o. But didn't come to me as a surprise. All these so called Big girls were fetish. I even heard they go far to India and Senegal to do Jazz. They will go to any extent to remain relevant. They are so diabolical to the highest order. Take Nike Oshinowo for instance I heard she goes to Senegal frequently and she act so prim and proper. Gimme a break! Same with Eno Olafisoye. I heard she too goes to Senegal all the time and they said Biyi sent her packing when she caught her with Jazz. The man is a shadow of her former self. She continuing fighting the man even when she was pregnant for Terry Waya just because the man asked her to drop his last name. I fear this so called Lagos big girls that act like butter but very fetish. They sent Fifi Ejindu away from Lagos in a second.

  • Who cares? These so called big girls are living a fake life and they are non factor. They shouldn't be giving any time of the day. They are nothing to be emulated. Finish

  • why would a 50 year old woman be openly talking like dat bout her sex life..tueh ..50 some pple became grandma and grandpa o ..chai

  • The media are the problems with these so called fake/shallow girls. They should stop glorifying them. And will go away if no one carries their stories. They are just too plastic and diabolical

  • Aunty/Grandma Ruth,if it is really true that you are talking about one man F……g you silly,…Ummmmh,At your old age,you should be sorry for is a shame.

  • That tabloid jist na old now. 2007 ish. These old mama youngies are very vulgar. Smoke igbo, do threesomes and fuck anything both men and women. Jazz drove Fifi from where? If I hear. Na lie. Make i no talk. Aloba no go post am. Fifi is Offiong and she be omo omi herself.

  • Haters Haters don't hide behind anonymity. Obviously some bloggers are haters and secretly wish they could afford the lifestyle but obviously cant.

    Is it that haters don't believe there are any more hardworking ladies out there, don't hate and pray for your own blessing before peddling unfounded stories.

  • Anon. Feb 6. 10.16 pm. In response to your comments, I have nothing to do with those comments but some of those comments were true. What hard work has Viv done truthfully? They got money from all these rich men under a diabolical means and open a so called boutique or spa that cannot make enough money to cover their overhead expenses. I don 'to know about you but honestly, I see nothing to be jealous about this plastic and superficial ladies. I agree totally with you about some if them being hardworking but trust me, anyone that works hard to make money will prioritize their spending and not being frivolous by carrying millions of naira bag and live in a rented house. Go figure,

  • Reply to Anon. Feb 6 2014 10.16pm.
    U said people were hiding behind anonymity? Very interesting statement for u to have made when your comment was also posted as anonymous. Is just a pot calling kettle black. Please practice what you say. Perhaps you were one of them that lives a fake lifestyle and the comments hit a cord in you. First and foremost,I will never pray to live their fake and sad fake superficial life. There is nothing in their plastic running after rich men with jazz to be jealous about. A hardworking person in Nigeria that works very hard is not going to be carrying one bag that is worth over 4 million Naira and have almost 10 of those bags and live in a rented house. "Her thinking will be let me set up myself with my own shelter first" before buying expensive items with no value whatsoever in a rented house that the owner can throw you out anytime. You tell me if you will use your hard earned money for such a vanity stuff. Please spare me the preaching of someone hating them when they ain't worth a kobo. Pleazzzzz. Next

  • Reply to anon Feb 7 2014: I see this Vivs matter is causing you sleepless nights. See the time you post your reply. No go die due to sleep deprivation. I. Jealousy kills O people are living their lives and your there losing sleep out of frustration that you can't afford their lifestyle. Keep yourself updated on Viv because your information is baseless abi does she have something that you like? Confess O because story done comot from Ruth birthday to Viv's lifestyle .

    • Anon 6.35pm Really??? Did u say Jealous and having sleepiness night over Viv? First and foremost, she has nothing for me to be jealous about. Updated myself about her? You should update me with all the meetings she has been having with all the world Presidents. Pleaseeeeee!!! Since you are either Viv. Or her paid spokesperson . Oh sorry Dearie, Yes you are right!!! I think her lonely, plastic'superficial, shallow and miserable life is worth to be jealous about. Please next!!! By the way. I hope you are aware that she was deported from United States and cannot enter there again due to her shady lifestyle that she lived there. I respect girls that work hard and can afford all the designer without hurting someone. Women like Sola Borha of Stanbic, ifeyinwa Ighodalo and others and not people like Viv – your mentor with a Spa that is nothing but a front for their runz. I have the best education. From an Ivy League school with a job that pays for all my living expenses so I dlon't have to run after rich men. The so called rich men runs after me and don't have time to spare them and I ended up marrying a stupendously rich and an Ivy League educated man. BTW, I'm very, very and very happily arrived wan with 2 lovely kids. What do u have going for yourself Viv. Spokesperson? I have a good life and nothing from these so called big fake girls can ever give me a second glance

  • So you mean you woke up at 3:17am to comment on top Viv matter? This is serious. Please forgive her. Abeg. She must have really hurt you. Please my darling, its not worth it, trust me.e-hugs

  • I tire o,the truth be said,jealous or whatever,the pressure to acquire material things and wanting to belong has taken a better part of these girls in Lagos both the young and the old ones,they should just take it easy & realise that Vanity upon Vanity,all will fade away.
    We should all learn to be contented with the things we have and be confident in ourselve and not wanting to belong to any click to feel important,u are important first in who God has created u to be so discover yourself and embrasss that….Chikena

    • Reply to Deon. Well said Your comments said it all too. Vanity upon vanity. They have lost their souls for vanities. The bible said it all. "What of use when you gain the whole world and lose your soul. I wondered why she had the feelings that I have something against Viv. She honestly make it look a personal vendetta against her Idol or mentor – Viv and which wasn't. Perhaps she is Viv. I only said she is plastic and vain which isn't
      Opinion that I'm entitled to. I will never pray for my daughter to be this girls that are lonely and miserable and were only using all these designer stuff for instant happiness to
      Make the society thinks they were happy being alone. The rich also cry.

  • @ Vivian basher/hater
    Did she snatch your ivy league husband?
    your comments smell of personal vendetta.
    Live and lets live.

  • @ Zsa Zsa Gabor. Your name says it
    All. I will not dignified your comment with a response. However Zsa Zsa Gabor is known for being famous for nothing just like your Idol – Viv. Socialite with nothing substantial to them. You just made it better. BTW,my husband cannot stand air heads even if he will cheat. Not with this bubble heads. This will be my last comments. I'm so over this and as they says " Bless Your Heart".

  • @ 7.45 pm, Deon and Zsa Zsa Gabor . I'm not in support of all the anonymous comments and whether I t is a personal vendetta against Viv or not, I don't know but one thing I do know is that she was right about some of her comments. We shouldn't be a society that idolizes girls of easy virtue. I believe our kids should be taught on empowering themselves with the best education than being superficial with shallow minds. There is always a consequence for every actions and if they wanted to be taking serious by a man, they shouldn't rely on their beauty or vanities stuff that goes away.

  • In all you foolish women have said, none of you have told me what Vivian has done to you personally.

    If she hasn't done anything to you then you are a hater. Simple

  • Happy Belated bday Aunty Ruth. Who attended the party??? Saw some pics of her white dress… Her tummy is too big for such dress.. A whole thisday fashion Editor!!!! Pls do better

  • @ anon 12.11 pm. Wow! Tht was a funny one. U said "her tunny was too big for tht dress?". Fashion Editor? Hmmmmm. Rest my case. lol

  • Anonymous Ivy league wife married to Ivy league husband, your comments are the ranting's of a very frustrated woman. For a woman that's happily married your comments are that of a verrrryyyy frustrated woman, how else do you explain your severe bitterness that's now clearly obvious as jealousy. If you are Ivy league I am Hilary Clinton very happily married to Bill and posting my comments anonymously like you. Its the social media we can be whoever we want to be. Righteous Mrs Ivy league go check well if na your husband get those two pickins.

    Confess O, wetin Viv do you. Na Ruth birthday they write about not Viv. Confess O if not this anger do kill you.