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Valentine 2014 set to be a very memorable one at least for very romantic and very loving couples. At least that’s what Avec Amour is trying to achieve. Their idea is to bring a more modern twist to the very traditional way of celebrating here in Lagos, Nigeria. 

From the stand point of the organisers of Avec Amour, which is the French word that translates to mean…..With Love, the essence of love and sharing would pervade the atmosphere to such an extent that it would be so thick and totally enveloping in love. 

It starts from the venue chosen, 10A Venture Ground in Ikoyi, off Macpherson road and off Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, which is the former Queen’s Drive. Lovers would be under the canopy of the sky looking starry eyed into the skies and seeing as the stars moves about to form the different constellations. Most likely cupid himself would be flying around openly on the day with plenty of arrows to shoot at willing hearts. Then on to hor d’ oeuvres and then the main meal (3-course stupendously lovely one), that would be served with the finest choices of wine, hmmmmm!!!!!We bet you are already salivating! Under this gorgeous and glorious totally lovestruck ambiance, then the incredibly sonorous afro-music exponent Kaline Akinkuge & her band would provide soothing music. Most likely many conception would be sorted out that night.

The best part of the day is that a certain percentage of the the day’s proceeds is going towards supporting the Haven for the Nigerian Kids Foundation, which has tirelessly worked towards the eradication of destitute children on the streets of Lagos. 

So come show love to one another and also share that same love for humanity by just being a part of this. It’s an idea robot production.


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