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This super gorgeous lady with the eyes of angels is as delectable as they come. We cannot stop looking at those eyes; eyes so big and so seductive it would make most saints falter, lips so immaculately shaped and luscious they beg to be kissed (they would surely turn any frog into a prince charming) and then her super well shaped body, most especially those stupendously shaped mounds, that nature bestowed her with. Most obviously the creator through her parents worked some major magic. She’s not just sweet and beautiful, she’s got a good attitude to crown it all and brains to match. 

We have been seeing and hearing about her in the entertainment circles for a bit now, but of recent there’s the growing buzz about her that something entertaining and cool is coming from her stable, so we are over excited to know the stuff of which she’s made. 

Her full name is Tracy Obiageli Nwapa, born in the fun capital of Nigeria, Lagos about 26 going to 27 years ago, Thursday, August 27, 1987 to be more precise. Her popularity as a growing entertainment personality is increasing by the day. She has a degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan where she graduated in 2009. With a background in broadcast journalism, TV and Film Production and also Interior Decoration. 

Having had a little experience as an intern at Fox News Local Station after being picked 3rd from 120 students at the communications department of her school, she caught the bug and after graduation she decided to come back to Lagos, Nigeria to show the stuff of which she’s made. Most especially in the growing entertainment industry in Nigeria. Her work resume read thus- Made Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Sound City Music Channel, NN24 & Flytime TV.  She got her break after anchoring and co-producing the controversial ”Mavin Record’s in-depth interview which got loads and loads of attention. From then on it has been the upward swing unabated and jobs have not stopped coming in torrents- such like Flair with Trayciee on NN24, not done she co-hosted, scripted and generated content for Pepsi Top Ten Countdown for 2 seasons. She’s also featured in 2 TV series- the Island & 24/7 where she did commendably well, just to mention a few. 

She now owns her own brand known as Idea Robot Production, which in only a short-while has handle a great nos of productions. From documentaries, to commercials to TV programs and even the occasional wedding video productions. She’s just wrapped up production on her new TV show called ”Reality Access” which follows the lives of famous African celebrities per episode. The show is set to begin airing from March 2014. When she’s not too busy with production, she indulges her other love-Interior Decoration and she has loads of jobs on her resume to show for that too. 

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