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The highly connected and gloriously stylish former Senator doesn’t do things by half measures. Everyone that cares to know, know that she’s well heeled and that she owns an apartment to overlooks the Ocean at Ocean Parade inside that billionaires enclave known to all as Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. CNN once carried a report stating that Banana Island is one of the most expensive real estate spot or neighborhood in the world, even Forbes agreed with that fact. Stating that it is at par with the likes of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan or La Jolla in San Diego, California, USA or even the 7th Arrondissement in Paris, France. 

A peek at her apartment a long time ago spoke of class and style. Not to lie its the kind of apartment one would love to own. We heard that the old Ocean Parade apartment reportedly cost her several millions equivalent of about $1.4 million dollars, this is chicken feed for the ever stylish Mma Bakassi who doesn’t do things in small measure, who has now gotten another apartment in the compound next to Ocean Parade called BellaVista. Ocean Parade from what we could deduce is said to be owned by the Chagourys.

Bellavista is one of the several sprawling properties in Banana Island. It is described as a 3 to 4 bedroom waterfront, luxury  and fully serviced apartments. It comes as a 3 bedroom detached or a super luxury 4-bedroom penthouse, with BQ, pool, gym, lawn-tennis court, squash court, in fact all the works. 
As at the last check, apartments inside Bellavista goes for something between $80,000 & $125,000 dollars per annum and to buy outright from about N200,000,000 million plus. Mma Bakassi’s own said to be on the 9th floor is said to set her back by about $3million dollars. To make the place fit for herself, she’s said to have totally transformed the apartment into a sort of palace. With all the trappings needed to make it extra luxurious. The former Senator is said to have sold her old apartment at the Ocean Parade. 

We hear several top honchos live there and unconfirmed reports says that a particular state chief executive owns several empty apartments on some of the blocks. Just like the name Bella Vista means – Beautiful sight, this blocks of several apartments is a beauty to behold and a money making edifice. 

According to the gist, Mma Bakassi got the apartment a long while ago and only just started being visible there not too long ago. 


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  • @Anon feb 6, 2014 2.52pm> OBJ is not that generous with his cash. That's why he lives in his rural Abeokuta/Ota

    then No 2. if the person who merely rented a flat at Banana Island is making noise on the internet, then what will the person who actually erected and owns the properties do?? When will Ita Giwa stop living fake??

  • Anon Feb 7 1.16 pm
    Wow!!! U nailed it. U just take the words out of my mouth. I have said it many times. Majority of these so called big girls live nothing but a fake superficial life. I have had a personal encountered with some of them that shows how fake they were. U read about them in the media being so called rich this and that and is all lies. They ain't worth nothing. And this applies to some of the men too. Some of them have a private jet and is all front. Is all bank loans and if they died today, the family will be left with nothing but debts. They never try to make an impact in someone's life than flying these girls in their private jet with nothing substantial to offer than fun life. There is more to life than that. Not trying to preach but it is what it is.

  • F.I.G is on another level oh. She is rich. Don't compare her to others who have nothing. The day she starts running broke all she needs to do is spread herself.