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We cannot understand the reason(s) behind the influx, but Nigeria seem to have become the land flowing with milk and honey for loads and loads of these gals who love adventures to bits. In the last 2 years the numbers of these gals that flocks Nigeria just keeps increasing day by day, mainly from South Africa and a few more from other Southern African regions, some also from Kenya, a sprinkling from America and the likes. 

What is bringing them to this promised land? According to the gist, the reputation all over the world is that Nigerian guys are unrepentant paymasters(spendthrift), who are willing to drop any amount just to have the fun of their lives or just even to show off. The idea majorly is that the Nigerian girls are no more as exciting as they used to be, especially also because most of the available ones have nothing new to offer, so why not import from all over, the rarer the better. Also the ones brought in are seen as being more exotic and willing to do anything; front-side, backside, 3,4, gang parties etc.

So for fees ranging from $5000 dollars upwards at a go, depending on what you want from the lady, she’s totally is game. Money paid includes having the fun of their lives and free flight ticket and place to stay; for this, these girls are willing to come and in torrents also. There’s the particular case of one who about 2 weeks ago seemingly hit paydirt, her paymaster apparently loving her services and things so much,  got her a brand new C-class Mercedes Benz car, so elated was the gorgeous young lady that she showed off her largesse on instagram with many of her friends congratulating her. She also had a video of her fun times at one of the beach home posted on instagram. 

The big one was this other girl who last year showed her paymaster the stuff of which she’s made, apparently after making her guy trust her very well, the dude paid some millions of foreign currency into her account for safekeeping, only for the lady to zap after receiving the money, buying a fantastic house for herself in the Southern African region and never setting foot in the country again afterwards. Dude not being able to make noise is crying silently in pain. 

There’s also the gorgeous Lolo, who is tall and gorgeously exotic, she’s got a body that would cause an eunuch to have problems, she and her friend were invited over to Lagos from their domain by a philandering ‘big boy’ who lodged them in Ikoyi, but due to work pressure he couldn’t meet up with the duo, but to say sorry when he finally saw them gave both $25,000. 

There’s also this ‘big time’ oil and gas dude, who has money like the Atlantic ocean, his specialty we hear is in inviting in to the country,  very exotic ”strippers” every other week, who he then enjoys what he calls heaven on earth with. He does this package both in and outside Nigeria. 

We remembered meeting a former ”Playboy Playmate” in Lagos at one of the famous Lagos hotel sometime ago, she even signed us her autograph. She was brought in then by a very married Dr. F & friends. So good looking and madly shaped was this lady, it could cause a religious leader to forget his faith. We also found out that apart from these guys inviting these wild ladies in from all over, one of their best hideouts now is just about an hour away from Lagos in Accra, Ghana. We remembered seeing this extraordinarily gorgeous Latina escort with a top Nigerian in Accra, Ghana at the M….Hotel not too long ago. The lady was looking super hot in her Herve Leger and pair of Christian Louboutin, great eyeballs, mad shape and all. They don’t come cheap.

Also not too long ago when one of the new joints in Lagos was opening, the club owner/moneybag from what we heard paid for some of these luscious ladies from yonder to come titillate and entertain at his new place, at least to separate his club/lounge from others.

Go to some of the several boutique hotels that dots Lagos, you will be sure to see one or two of these ladies there. Two of their agents in Nigeria from what we hear are one old time model who is still strutting her stuff on the catwalk and the other is an ex-beauty queen, we wont say more than that. But it depends on how much you are willing to spend, their agents come in several packages. They arrange with the men and deliver by specification; top heavy with bionic bums or stick thin, like models, but still well rounded in the right places. With these gals there’s no no-go area, everything is for the taking.

As much as Nigeria is the land of promise where the miraculous do happen for a fact, it is also a country that is also tending towards Sodom & Gomorrah where anythings go. Most especially now that some newly rich ones have come into some colossal amount of money, that they just need to spend.

So madams in the house forming activities, you all need to beware, as you’ve all got stiff competition at your doorsteps very willing and ready to help Oga relieve the stress and pressure.


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  • Hmmm, dear Lord, walk through this land with your power, let there be shaking upon all the corners of this great nation. Show your greatness to every soul, let them know that you alone you are God. Marantha, His coming is at hand. It's well

  • I dey fear o. Our husbands have all gone mad. Is it bad to be rich? Wahala dey o. I am going to sleep, i cannot die……

  • yes o..i knw one who flies in his babe from yankee to entertain him and also goes over there with his friends to enjoy these ladies they buy designer gifts and cash to them as reward>..all these men are married o but hav new money. Smh

  • When I tell people that it's not "the gays" that will cause moral decay in Nigeria, I am accused of supporting them! If only people knew the level of sexual depravity that goes in this country…..The Lord is just merciful.

  • That is why we are ranked the 2nd Aids country in the world after South Africa where they are airlifting these girls from. Aids is real in Nigeriaoooo Wives protect yourselves don't be blinded by wealth and the lifestyle your Marriage affords you.

  • Anon February 9, 2014 at 7:44 PM; 2nd AIDS country in the world? Where are your stats? Idiot, you must hate Nigeria so much to say they are 2nd on the list in the world. Ignoramus. I sentence you to do some AIDS research.

  • I strongly advise Naija women to stop sleeping with their hubbies…Most of these men are ticking time bombs….Welcome to full blown AIDS…..