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That’s the million Naira question we would love to get immediate answer to. According to the gist flying around in hush-hush tones, Rihanna’s appearance would most definitely be the crowning glory of the annual event known to all as the ”UBA CEO AWARDS.


This year’s event is set for the expansive hall of the Eko Hotel, Expo Center on Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. The D-date is Saturday, February 8, 2014 and according to the gist, this year’s awards show promises to be the best so far in the series.

The yet to be confirmed gist says that there’s the likelihood that the Bajan Tourism Ambassador might be the planned surprise element of the award. Whether she would come or not is something that is being discussed amongst very few, the idea is that if she comes it would be a big surprise for all and if she doesn’t agree to come at least it was never announced. So now that we have spoken about it, if she finally comes we have already blown the lid on their secret or should we say surprise.

Sure to perform at the awards show this year, to help add razzmatazz to the corporate night of letting the hair down are the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye of the P-Square fame. We are so sure that more spice & other fun elements and musicians and comedians would be added to the event train, all of these the organizers are still keeping under wraps.

The annual CEO’s awards, is the bank’s own way of recognizing and rewarding the star performers of the brand for their sterling qualities and performances in the course of the preceding year, in this case 2013.

The annual event began in 2008 when Mr. Tony Elumelu was still at the helms of affairs & it has continued also under the leadership of the highly cerebral Mr. Phillips Oduoza. It always features different awards categories. Last year had 29 staff members and teams carting away several awards.

This 2014 edition is the 6th in the series. Each year’s event normally has a particular theme. At the event there are always the who-is-who of the corporate world in attendance, mixing with some of the bank’s very good customers and some of the outstanding staff members of the brands and other friends of the financial institution from far and wide. It is always an event to be at.

The 2013 event also held at the Expo hall of Eko Hotel, and had performers like the incredibly talented Asa, voice master Darey Art Alade, the sonorously gorgeous Tiwa Savage, the very cool Timi Dakolo, the grand commander of Nigerian comedy in the person of Ali Baba &also the dapper Tee A. The likes of Wizkid, Flavour Nabania, Ice Prince, Yolanda Brown, Mike Aremu & others have all performed at the awards before.  So most likely from all indications, the 2014 edition should top last year’s. Already from what we hear, the invitation cards have been exhausted.


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  • Complex and superficial people. With all there education, position and exposure to western world, they still have the complex in them. Foolish people. What is the big deal About Rihanna when we have good and talented artists like P Square, Dbanji,KCEE and others in Nigeria. Rihanna doesn't bank or do business with their bank and I wonder why they cannot be patriotic(charity begins at home)

  • i agree at first anon..and the kind of raunchy music that she sings don't they thik its not appropriate for this old men and women that will be invited..imagine her whining and grinding this odouza…hiss