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Desperation is not a good thing in any way at all, we even believe that its a disease that one needs to get rid of as soon as it is noticed. And its mainly because it can lead a normally seemingly sane person to do things bordering on insanity. One of those things that many have been able to use successfully over the years to hoodwink millions and millions is the subject of religion. Like it is said, ”Religion is the opium of the people” give them a good dose of it and the people can be desperately and insanely hooked. 

The nature of the indoctrination is even much more effective on the poor, who are always desperately in need of one thing or the other and so by default, they expect that God would rise up from heaven to wrought on their behalf, the awesomely miraculous. So by virtue of this needs, desires or wants they can easily fall prey to fraudsters wearing religious garbs, most especially if this ones have the gift of the garb or specially blessed with the gifts of subtle persuasion. 
Mind you, being able to fall prey to deception is not just the lot of the poor ooooo. Not at all! Many a times the wealthy, the rich, the comfortable have also fallen and fallen very big. There’s always something someone needs, so just hit the right cords and they are all yours. The rich wants to live forever, they are afraid the wealth can vaporize and they become poor again, so you all now understand the need for insane acquisitions. 

Away from all the diatribe above, check out this Kenyan Pastor, for instance-Bishop Thomas Wahome of the Helicopter Of Christ Ministries, based in Kenya.  As at 2012, he used to charge the equivalent of N3000, that is Sh 1200 from anyone that wants to touch his garment like the woman with the 12 years old issue of blood did in the Bible, and got healed instantaneously. So the idea is that if you touch his garment your troubles/problems are over!!!

Having made a success of that particular venture, the Bishop as now gone further, and has now come up with another venture. He claims that for a fee of Sh 1500 that he can ask ”GOD’, but we are sure that’s god, about whether your name is in the ”Book of Life”. Isn’t that just totally preposterous? That he can help confirm if those that pay the fee will make heaven or not. Apparently Bishop Wahome claims he has direct link/access to God.

Would you like to know, if your name is in the ”Book of LIFE?


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