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Is your job
stealing your time for grocery shopping? Do you find it tiring braving traffic
and long queues to shop for your kitchen needs?

Then this is
for you! Ground Central Delivery is a personal shopping company aimed at
providing the ultimate grocery shopping convenience to its customers.
Considering the inconvenience of traffic jams and long queues, Ground Central
eliminates these hassles making the everyday shopping experience easy and
stress-free to achieve. 

Central will be available in most supermarkets and restaurants enabling you to
order your groceries and items from the convenience of your home/office. To
order simply place a call to 07042929292 or send an email to 
and your order would be delivered to your door within the hour.

This service
allows customers to meet their shopping needs on the go and with the requisite
assurance of buying exactly what you want – No hassle, No queues, No traffic, just place your order and have it
delivered straight to you.

For more
information visit


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