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His combo from what we hear is super deadly. He combines a twin asset attack that is not common place. His dexterity with that organ in the mouth that helps to shape sound amongst others has reached legendary status. So good is this handsome dude’s tongue, that it has been named the ”Tongue of utter delight & destruction”; destruction here is not in the negative anyway. He is so good at digging for treasures, that he has always hit the treasure trove.

Fine boy is cool, calculated and collected and he also dresses well, meaning he is stylish. According to the legend around him, once he gets to the ”Bermuda Triangle”, he does it like he is on the ”lap” of honour, as if he’s very life depends on it. Once you allow him a try, you will come back begging for more and more. It becomes an uncontrollable addiction of a sort. 

He is not only well versed in ”whistling and fiddling” of the knob, that is just the appetiser in the repertoire. He starts that and once the partner reaches cloud 7, then he balances and begin to fire on all cylinders. 

A conquest had this to say about this magician’s prowess in the game,”He gives the best h+*%$”, He F”£$ you, you can’t F”£$ him. He knows how to please a woman. ”He loves, dotes on, enjoys the pussy cat” He is very naughty. He has the biggest (basket) balls (sack of rocks), I have seen. Hugeeeeeeeeeeeee! Balls. Kai

See how people have gained fantastic notoriety over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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