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It takes someone as super talented as Don Jazzy or Don baba J like he is called to discover another super talent. From henceforth, Mavin’ Records is surely not going to be the same again. Cos’ everyone is surely going to up the ante and take their game to the very next level- the stratosphere. 

Di’ JA is the new name on all the lips and boy not only is she gorgeous, she’s awesomely talented and signed on to Mavin as the 2nd female act after the incredibly gorgeous Tiwa Savage. 


It has taken 5 good month of working undercover and under the radar and fine tuning just any rough edges that might have still been there, before this game changer could be unleashed on the scene. Already she’s causing major earthquake, firstly because everyone in the industry knows that Don Jazzy does not just sign for the sake of it. Di’Ja has already become the most anticipated act on the scene. 

Before coming back home to show the stuff of what she’s made of, she’s already dazzled all with her talent in Canada. Since 2009, she was already nominated for the Best Urban/R&B single at the Canadian Radio Music Awards, while a year before in 2008 she had won the Best New Artiste Award at the Beat Awards. 

Her full name is Hadiza ‘Di’ Ja Blell. And she’s a multi-talented & multifaceted singer, song-writer, visual artist and humanitarian, who holds a degree in Biology and Psychology. But has embraced music in its totality as her essence. And because of this unrelenting passion of hers, she wants to share her love across the continent and beyond. 

According to the Don at Mavin Records, the Don baba J himself, Di’ Ja represents ”the new generation of Nigeria Music. She is versatile  and adaptable. No experience with in the studio with her is ever the same as the last. Our fans, friends and good music lovers are in for an intersting musical journey planned ahead.”

Di’Ja’S 1st official single under the Mavin template is titled -Yaro and is an up-tempo celebration of love and commitment against all odds. The song features an ethnic twist that infuses Hausa and Krio dialects in honour of her Nigerian & Sierra Leonean roots. The feisty one is set to dominate the very competitive world of entertainment in Africa & beyond. She has now joined Dr Sid, D’Prince, Don Jazzy & Tiwa Savage to help spread the Mavin Record’s gospel.


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