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Her delightsome and super stylish mom- Senator Florence Ita-Giwa  is going to clock 68 years old tomorrow, Wednesday, February 19, 2014 and it is going to be a full red carpet event. Friends and family members are already planning on how they would celebrate one of their own. Their dancing shoes have been shined, while their super cool outfits have been prepared for the occasion. 

Tomorrow also most likely, might be the d-day to officially announce to all & sundry the upcoming Autumn wedding of the delightsome and super shapely daughter of the ex-Special Adviser to the President. Koko 22, she’ll be 23 in July 2014 is set to get married in September of 2014, all things being equal.

The lucky dude from our little findings is Chimaobi Shawcross Obioha Jnr, one of the sons of the late Chief Shawcross Godwin Moore Obioha & Evelyn Shawcross Obioha, he has a Master’s in International Business from Coventry University. Koko is the daughter of the lady most have come to know as Mma Bakassi. She’s a graduate of the University of Essex, Colchester, United Kingdom, and the brilliant young lady has only just finished her 2nd Master’s degree. According to our little findings, the 2 lovebirds- Chimaobi & Koko have been an item for a couple years now, and the 2 families have always known about the relationship between the duo. There had been an agreement ‘sort of’ between the 2 families to allow for Koko to finish her Master’s before marriage could come on board. Now that that has been done and dealt with, the door is now opened for matrimony. 

So come sometime in September 2014. We all can bet that it would be a very big society wedding all the way for Koko. If the humongous 21st birthday party her mom threw for her  2 years ago is anything to judge by, then we have a big wedding upcoming.

Congratulations in advance from us at Maestro’s Media.


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  • Maestromedia, stop this thing! What is autuum wedding in Nigeria? Can you possibly try and be African, indeed Nigerian, in your seasons? We do not have these seasons in Nigeria, so if you want to play with words, play with what we have. All these "oyibo belonging" is what leaves us in this complex issues we have in our country.

  • anonymous 1, well you must know by now this is nigerian people for you . NEVER original in ANYTHING, nothing whatsoever. They always have to copy the west (particulary USA). Talking about Autumn, Winter, Summer Spring – they celebrate holloween and thanksgiving.

    To me only BUSH people do that.

    They dont even speak their own accent for godsakes, always forming new ly acquired accent cos most are embarassed by their thick nigerian accent.

    This is SoSad.