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No no no, it’s not what you think. King Wasiu Ayinde (Anifowoshe) Marshall is not marrying 3 at a time. Not at all. Come next month, which is the 3rd month of the year, precisely on Monday, March 3, Tuesday, March 4, Thursday, March 6 and finally Sunday, March 9, 2014 there would be celebration galore in the household of the Anifowoshe’s. 

The first celebration has to do with the birthday of the man many have come to acclaim as the king of Fuji music, K1 the ultimate, on the said date he would add a year and clock 57 years old. A day after that celebration on the 4th, one of his daughters by name Hidayat would be having her Nikkai, some 2 days after another daughter would do the same on the 6th, while 3 days after that another daughter by name Sekinat would enjoy the same ceremony. All 3 of them under the space of 6 days!!!

Why all this different dates all for the same man baffles one. At best a consolidation of all the Nikkai ceremonies would have been cost effective. But how does that concern us anyway. It’s K1 the ultimate thing, how he wants to do his thing is totally his wahala!!!!!!


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  • it cant be consolidated cause the girls are from different babymamas and each wants d day and glory for their children

    polygamy s wack

    congrats oluaye