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For daring to steal another label’s artiste, music superstar Kcee’s label 5 Star music is in trouble and the trouble is worth N20MILLION. The originator of trouble is none other than the interim President of PMAN, in the person of Questionmark Entertainment boss, Kevin Luciano Gabriel. 

When the going was still very good Harrysong, the master music writer known for hits like Limpopo, tribute to Mandela which broke all download records in the country and many others was signed on to Questionmark records. At the height of the record label’s glory it had many stars signed to it like Asa, Silver Saddih, Street Monks etc. With many of them leaving under some circumstances that were not too palatable. The latest in the series is Harrysong, whose full name is Harrison Tare Okiri. 

Kevin Luciano his former label boss is totally incensed that an artist that his brand had invested time, money and sweat on in this day and time, who is still supposedly under contract can feel he can jettison his contract at will without fulfilling the terms of that contract and then go on to sign with another. According to the story, Kcee under the pretext of working with Harrysong and doing some collaboration had lured another label’s artiste and signed him on to his own label 5 Star Music, splashing all the goodies on his new artiste (a car and a new apartment and major press). Truth be told, since the collaboration between Kcee & Harrysong began, loads of good has come from it, with both artistes churning out hits after hits, like Limpopo, Pullover and a few more and enjoying major recognition. Harrison not too long ago, just came back from an  MTN sponsored all expenses paid trip to the Grammy awards, for his song ”tribute to Mandela”.

So the price he and his new record label would have to pay (that’s if they lose) for that indiscretion and breach in contract is the N20 million Naira suit instituted by Kevin Luciano. 

Can a compromise be reached between the 2 parties? We do not know yet, but we are all watching as the drama unfolds, as this case would act as forerunner for many other cases like this to come.  Can artiste who is signed to a binding contract halfway through the contract suddenly cancel it, without the other party’s consent?


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