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We are only asking the President for just 3 things. If he would make up his mind to do those 3 things we can bet a vast majority of those that would vote at the next presidential election would grant him his wish and we can bet he would most assuredly have a landslide victory irrespective of whosoever is his opponent at the other parties. And that victory would need no rigging whatsoever. 

The 3 things- 

Firstly, make POWER (electricity) available for at least 90% of the time. Any government that can make that happen would have etched their name(s) upon the almanac of time as it concerns Nigeria forever. That Government would have their name cast in stone for posterity forever. The bandwagon effect of stable and uninterrupted electricity would be so unprecedented that 40% of the problem of the Nation would be solved. Price of things would in the long run go down and loads more. Even the people doing the most menial of jobs would be able to put something little on the table. 

2. Wipe out, obliterate, clamp down on this terrible Boko Haram insurgency. What kind of sect would continually wipe out the lives of innocent souls in the name of a god. What kind of god is this that loves unprecedented blood letting. Who are these terrible people perpetrating this evil in the name and guise of religion. They have left the soldiers they are fighting and have now gone on to go kill innocent students  who are on the quest to better their own lives and the lives of their people through education. In only a few weeks this terrible people have snuffed out the lives of kids, killing them like rams and goats without any justifiable cause. If the President can totally take out this Boko Haram scourge with the minimum loss of lives, we would even campaign for him to stay 10 more years. In just how many years of the emergence of this terrible, blood letting sect thousands of lives have already being lost. Can this continue?

3. Thirdly,  Put a stop to this wanton and seemingly uncontrollable scourge corruption. Let those who are recognised as career criminals either in Government and other positions be convicted and sentenced. Let the rule of law take precedence. The kind of money that people still now is so much its unbelievable. Why won’t there be an increase in armed robbery? The wealth on display by very few is colossal. The disparity is unbelievable. The cost of living is terribly unbearable. And then people are being taxed out of existence

Remove Dieziani Allison-Madueke from Petroleum Ministry. Investigate that ministry and all contracts that they have signed out. Curb the excesses of the uncontrollable NNPC. Reduce to near zero the terrible corruption so prevalent in our oil industry. Probe ministries who have high budget allocations, but who cannot show major achievements for such colossal allocations. Re-allocate the colossal amount of money that would be recovered from the criminals in Government and their accomplices towards education and the health sector. 

Do just these 3 things and then see whether many of us would not campaign for your re-election free of charge and even for you to be there forever. 

The problem with achieving some of these things is the problem of vested interests. The other problem which is a terrible weakness would be the WILL to want to do it. 

So think very well Mr. President. 


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  • These 3 wishes will never happen. For one the issue of electricity can never be resolved because we do not have the facilities to generate enough power. Countries with populations as large as our have to use nuclear power and I do not even wish that it is attempted here. If people can vandalize pipelines and kill themselves, I wonder what a nuclear disaster will cause.

    2. Jonathan does not identify with the rest of Nigeria. He is oblivious to the crippling effect book haram has in Nigeria. As long as he is ipwithin that rock, everything else is secondary. We are praying book haram takes the fight to Abuja so he can wake up.

    3. Corruption, are you kidding. Even a 5 year old child is corrupt how much more government. It is a disease that has spread so far that nothing can be done. We Nigerians like the easy way out so there is always a price for everything.

    The next elections will be very interesting. After getting burnt under the hot sun of the last one, I will be observing from my window come 2015

  • I will definitely re-vote for. President Goodluck Jonathan come 2015. I have been enjoying 24hours steady power supply since January 2014 ! Port Harcourt Nigeria

  • No doubts, President GEJ is trying but he still has much to do to convince us of his integrity to take Nigeria to the PROMISE LAND. These conditions in place re no doubt feasible n not too much. Its quite supported.

  • How can they announce the next election dates without our presido making it clear if he will run or not mtchewwwww he knows that alot of pple want him out. So what is he planning? I dont trust him….smh

  • Boko haram is th northerners political strategy for power in 2015…c hw kidnnap reduced wn jona bcame VPp…..who knnows th next sect of criminals to come uP after 2015…..Lord hav mercy on naij… Polirics in naij is wild…..