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These 2 hunks- light skin handsome Alex Ekubo, model/actor/star & Uti Nwachukwu, the darker skin BBA 5 winner, model/host/star were very cool buddies at a point. So much so that they were said to be living in the same apartment as BFF (Best Friends Forever). There was no event/occasion where you see one that you wouldn’t see the other not too far behind. 

But from what we have been seeing for quite a while now, it’s like the intensity of the friendship as cool off a bit. Some are even speculating that the once very chummy relationship might not be as close as it used to be before. Especially now that both guys now seem to be very equally busy, unlike at first when Uti was more in the limelight than Alex. Now we see Alex a lot more in different movie productions and even walking the catwalk on special occasions now and then.

Might this have affected the friendship? We do not know that for certain, but we hear for a fact is that both guys are having fun doing their own things now. Especially now that Uti is in a very serious relationship with his heartthrob- Saeon the budding music star, things might not necessarily be the same again between the guys (a new confidant has come in).


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  • Alex has moved on to that Ogbonna guy and the heartbreak has caused Uti to become straight. If that is to be believed. His Twitter rant a while ago was because of Alex.