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Hmmmmmmmmm, the numbers of ladies engaged in this girl-to-girl loving in this country is crazily increasing more and more daily, if care is not taken very soon our ladies might soon jettison guy-girl loving totally. According to some of those who engage in it, its most probably the best thing that could have happened to them. The list of the practitioners of this act is staggering as it reads like a who-is-who. 

There’s the young gorgeous act……., who is getting m……..soon. Who loves licking the carpet, that its crazy. There is this ex-queen who is into ………… You wouldn’t even believe that this ex-queen does some of the things we have found out about her, ‘spliffing’ has become a regular thing now, that it’s like her very life depends on it. Once she’s high anything goes. She’s very strong in the girl to girl action that soon she might become the ‘queen of queens’. There’s also this young girl, gorgeous, sweet looking who was indoctrinated into the act at guess what age?………17. She’s now only just 19 and too far gone to care. Her naked pictures taken at that young age are even said to be flying somewhere around. There’s this daughter of a very influential personality in the state of………., who is an unrepentant practitioner of the act, she’s even broken many neophytes into the game. This one is so far gone, that it is most impossible for her to think of changing. According to the gist her conquest includes…..Ke…., To….., To……., Ki………, M……., J…. just to mention a few. There’s this very fashionable married lady who clocked ….sometime ago, her boo is US based but she comes in a lot of the time. She was very prominent at the lady’s party sometime ago.

We do not even want to go near the big ladies of the game, as they are too numerous to mention. One of their hiding place is somewhere in VGC, where we heard that most often people mistake this peeps for coming for religious gatherings. 

Who this our queen is? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! You all know!!!


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