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Apparently according to the little information that we had gotten last year after the very big traditional wedding that had nearly the whole of Lagos in attendance, loads & loads of Tiwa’s colleague in the industry and KSA on the bandstand, it was supposed to have been a February 2014 white wedding in Maldives, the gorgeous and picturesque island in the Indian Ocean. We had even thought it was going to be a Valentine nuptial. But the whole of February has flown by already and we are nearing the middle of the 3rd month already, yet no news. We have been waiting eagerly to hear about the whole romantic set up, the gorgeous setting, the outfits and the likes. We know for sure that Tiwa & Elohor Aisien had gone to check out Maldives sometime last year.

So what is going on? Have the couple postponed the ‘White Wedding’ indefinitely? Or after having the very public traditional that had all their friends, family members, admirers in attendance, they have gone ahead to do a very quiet ‘Maldives white wedding’ with just a few witnesses? We doubt that anyway! At least one or 2 pictures of that would have leaked out for certain.


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  • I don't like this tbliss or whatever his name is. I have a feeling he's going to break this girl's heart. Hope im wrong though

  • Dude drives her red passat…he goes to my gym, always eying the girls up and down, hanging out with that Uti guy, never seem them work out o.

    Also seen him on my way to work. he was coming down the lekki epe going into 1004 (where they live)… at 8am on a weekday…. Hmmm

  • non hater..are you sure you will not remove the non in your name?? na wa for u.all this observations on top somebody's husband..checkin your watch and his car colour,??…shuoo..

  • @anon 5:47 LOOL…. i'm a NonHater o…. when i get off this blog i forget all these people and carry on with my life abeg. its really not that deep. Tiwa advertises her life for people to observe. I'm observing. finish.

  • People keep forgetting the guy is legally married to his wife and mother of his child. It takes time to divorce in the States sometimes especially with a child involved. I bet you they can't even do a civil marriage yet, that will be bigamy. So she has to wait. A little punishment for grabbing what belongs to another.