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Our subject matter is just only 25 years old and the little minx is already becoming a legend or having the makings of a legend. What kind of a legend, we are sure you all are wondering about. It’s of the most vile type, but don’t you all worry you soon know why. 

Our lady is married, to better qualify it we would say very married. And she has 2 beautiful kids. Her doting husband is a Caucasian from the 2nd most populous nation in the world. And this duo are ‘supposedly’ happily married. 

Christine 25, has elevated philandering and debauchery to a height. That she is an unrepentant wanton is to state it very gently. 


How she has been able to hide her real self from her husband beggars belief, that’s because a lot of her actions are done in the open, with people wondering mouth agape. Some have even thought, that her marriage might most probably be a ‘marriage of convenience’. She might be getting away with her actions because husband doesn’t live here, but takes very good care of her. Kids go to fantastic schools and she lives in …………..island.

At one point though married already, she was openly dating the sun of the ”lord of B………, a very popular politician known for is deft moves in politricks. The boy who graduated from a school in the UK and his married lover were so enamoured by each other, that while their love was hot hot they couldn’t care who could see them kissing, holding, tapping, groping each other anywhere. It was shocking for all those in the know of her status. Anybody worth their salt has reached there ooooooooooo.

After that very public affair, the young mother of 2 moved on to many other conquests, according to tales by the moonlight, she’s been there done that. Her preferred preference now is girl-on-girl action plus. Her nos 1 heartthrob now is TK, the very ‘brief’ boyish girl, who used to be very hot-hot in Abuja. He/she used to run some clubs in that town and was into PR in Abuja too, but has now moved to the center of excellence, where she’s having the best of her world.


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  • Hmmmmm u don't even know the rest of the gist…. Her husband finally found out and told her it is over but that they would stay together as the kids were so young. She then went on to a very much married Egyptian lover and almost caused his career and marriage to be over, till the guy was transferred out of Nigeria 😉