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Things are surely looking very up for the Irawo & Ragga Ragga crooner, who is also signed on to communications giant- Etisalat as an Ambassador. 

She was seen at the tarmac of the airport recently en-route boarding her flight to Asaba, Delta State for a performance carrying her N1.65 million Naira bag in Hermes orange with much aplomb!!!

Leaving the UK to relocate to Nigeria must have been one of the best decisions in life that she has made so far. 

Enjoy dear!!!!!Make sure to invest well boo!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Haaiiin person I saw near tantalisers Lekki taking yellow and black taxi…na so e easy to buy bag like dat…

  • Hermes bag looking bulky plus the suspicious looking clochette and lock? If I hear.

    Whatsup with babes forming what they are not thereby falling their hands, why not buy quality bags that are actually original and would last? Hian!!!

  • Taaaaaaaaaaaaah Maestro mediia, u guys should stop this your rubbish? Why the unnecessary hype? Who is she? How much is she worth? When did she come into limelight? If its A-list artist I will agree Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew. She buys the china version,and you're here telling us she brought the bag for $10k, this is someone who doesn't even have a car, her friends drivers her. SMH for you guys. No wonder u always hv less then 20 comments. If u like don't post this atleast u hv read it.

  • isn't it odd that someone who is still renting an apartment can get 10k usd to buy bag…anyway lagos tinz

  • She no even worth anything
    Gbeseeee wey d etisalat endorsement don settle na him dey go over there
    Meanwhile Sheyi u don buy car? Cause d last time I checked u dont have 1
    At least before Hermes, na car suppose be ur priority
    If u want same Hermes, $400 holla me, I get am packaged inside d dust bag

  • Why r u Nigeria n's and nigerian blogs so materialistic.all u show is some ones acquired materialistic bullshyt. Who cares. So bush

  • It could be a present or she could have borrowed it as she had to travel so she'd look like a star. May not be fake that's all I'm saying. Her car could also be on its way to Nigeria as we speak, take it easy guys! In btw, I heard she has given and received the whole industry o. True or false? Cos lagosians can lie o

  • If she's given and received the whole industry shouldn't she have more money by now? Or is she doing oshofree? It's obviously fake from the way it folds.