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Many are called, but only very few are chosen. There are so many unbelievably focused and hardworking people in the world, who if their sweat can be calculated in terms of wealth or riches, they would be stupendously rich. But like the good book has said, ”the race is not to the swift, neither is the battle to the strong, it is all by the grace of God”. Everyone in Nigeria already know who the only living Nigerian grandmaster is. So rich is he, that many have said is worth is colossal. Some even compare him shoulder to shoulder with the likes of 2 of Africa’s richest men, Aliko Dangote & Otunba Mike Adenuga. We are too sure that if he would reveal is wealth and investment portfolio in full to the likes of Forbes and co, he might be rated first 5 in Nigeria and by extension in Africa. 

Some people are rich ooooo and our grandmaster is most definitely one of those in the class, imagine your houseboy stealing a whopping $400,000 USD from you and it has no effect whatsoever, it was like losing N1000. This happened earlier this year oooo and we are just only in the 3rd month, and by the time the houseboy was caught he had nearly finished everything on cars and fun. Like some people love to say, ”Na where person dey work, na him he go chop naa”. What’s 66 million Naira to someone that owns not less than 4 private jets. 

That’s not all oooo, imagine spending just £1,000,000 Pound Sterling on just 2 wrist watches, that’s about N270,000,000 on wrist watches alone and just 2 of them. Some would say that’s small now when 2 other like our man, a man and a lady have spent about $1.2 million on just one watch each before. And all this people are Nigerians. 

Same grandmaster not too long ago, ordered for a one of its kind Rolls Royce Ghost, that would have caused a healthy damage to another person’s account, but because of his stupendous wealth it was like a drop in the ocean for him. The ‘Ghost’ was air-freighted into the country and you should know how much that would be for. A standard Rolls Royce Ghost starts from about £170, 250 Pounds, an exclusive one with all the works(bullet proof) and more would go for double that amount or even more . 

See money talking oooo. By the time we give you more details of this man’s stupefying wealth, it is staggering.


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