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Senator Ojudu: A Lamb among Wolves by Dr. Peregrino Brimah

December 13th, 2011, Senator Babafemi Ojudu while a Senator of the
ACN party, read out a provoking speech in Akure during the marking of Nigerian
Union of Journalists week, warning clearly about the impending fuel subsidy
removal and advising Nigerian labor groups to be prepared for strike action.
The senator in his must-read write-up also promised to not only challenge the
fuel-subsidy removal on the floor of the Senate but assured Nigerians and the
labour unions that he will march with us and protest with us.

can find his 4,600 word powerfully written manifest on SaharaReporters of
December 15th, 2011, with the caption, “Removal Of Oil Subsidy:
Challenge To A Nation,” also in PMNews of December 19th, 2011. It
can be recollected that on January 1st the next year, as a macabre
new year’s gift, President Goodluck Jonathan suddenly announced the abrupt
removal of the fuel subsidy. This announcement was greeted with nationwide strikes,
protests and deaths. It can be recalled that the President during the reaction to
his action, confessed that a billionaire ‘Cabal’ he was too weak to challenge
were behind the suffering and cheating of Nigerians; but this admission was
after Senator Ojudu had first made the exposition, boldly describing the role
of the Cabal in the fuel supply and subsidy fraud debacle, in his thoroughly
prepared public notice of December 13th.

Babafemi Ojudu, representing the Ekiti Central district, is not scared to pen
his thoughts and give his advice to the nation on all issues of national
interest and civil rights; he does not hide behind his points-of-view and does
not utilize spokespersons to present important statements for him. He writes
himself… he likes to write and does so elaborately, confidently and recurrently
as and at all instances necessary. He gives his speeches and challenges the
Senate in the interest of the masses, whether his stance is popular or not
among the wolves. The Senator whose valiance and uprightness did not start this
fourth republic; an exemplary  Nigerian
was arrested, tortured and detained several
times during the Sani Abacha—Jonathan’s hero—regime, for his brave articles
exposing the brutal dictator, is a lamb among the many Wolves in the Senate and
the Executives. As hard as we criticize the wicked and evil rulers and
lawmakers we have, so also must we praise and acknowledge those who stand up
for us if and when they do. 


Ojudu’s Bills speak for themselves. They tell of his interest in enshrining our
democracy and protecting our rights. He tabled a Bill for an Act to Establish
the Nigerian Political Debate Commission with responsibility for the Conduct
and organization of Public debate for Candidates of Political Parties in
Nigeria and another Bill for an Act to make provisions for Mandatory Compliance
with and Implementation of all Legislative Resolutions and for Other
Matters Connected Therewith. 

are many examples where the Senator has been one of the few or only who
promptly stand up and challenge the Senate and government on matters that have
pitted the Executive government and Senate of Nigeria with their coterie of
billionaire greedy cabal, against the 168 million suffering masses of Nigeria.
The Senator has always stood against the rapacious wolves in our interest. 

January of 2013, the Senator recommended Channels TV for national award for
exposing the travails of police officers during training. The Senator said “no
one could have gone to the Police College in the state it is and come out a better
human being, adding that such a person would have had his psyche bastardized.”
For daring to fight for an appraisal of the nation’s Police, he came under fire
from the Jonathan government for inadvertently “embarrassing” Jonathan.

Ojudu uncovered the bribe-for-job scam perpetrated by elements in the Federal
Civil Service and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

the 2014 budget, the Senator uncovered an embarrassing major fraud. He pointed
out that the budgets each year were simple photocopies of each other with no
creativity… that Nigeria stopped having developmental plans in 1986. This
reproduction of figures, he condemned was gross corruption and fraud
practically staring Nigerians in the face. How can the same items be repeated
year after year at the same staggering cost? Why should Nigeria budget over N10
billion for software for each of its ministries with the office of the
Presidency budgeting as much as N580 million every year, same in 2012, same
again in 2013 and the same frivolous billions budgeted for the same software
again in 2014? He queried. [See: Lawmaker Uncovers Fraud In 2014 Budget, Feb 4,
2014 in Saharareporters]

recently, it was Senator Ojudu who raised a motion for the immediate suspension
of Interior Minister Abbah Moro and the Comptroller-General of Immigrations, in
the case of the deadly Immigration scam, in which precious Nigerians including
pregnant ladies were martyred and millions of our unemployed were defrauded to
the tune of billions by the government. The Senators muzzled Senator Ojudu who
had raised the notion that all Nigerians demand—for Moro’s sack/suspension—and his
motion was tossed out.

outstanding Senator has represented us in so many more ways than can possibly
be highlighted in these lines. He has strongly chastised the Presidency and the
PDP party for repeatedly violating Nigeria’s constitutional ban of political
parties instigating and promoting religious sentiments/divides. He has also
clearly condemned the billions of naira-guzzling National conference which is
the 11th in Nigeria’s history and no different from the many of the
past which served only for Presidential personal political interests.

Ojudu in line with the thinking and desires of many Nigerians said he will only
stand for a Sovereign National conference which allows the free, sovereign discussion
of all matters. He has also admitted that Nigeria needs a revolution as the
status quo is deadly; and also just this week he told the world that they, the
leaders were the problem of the nation.

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state, Senator Ojudu does not only talk the
talk, but he walks the walk and is not afraid to stand on the side of
Nigerians, waging a war against the Cabal and Executive and Senate wolves and
advising us honestly on what to do. Again, like Governor Amaechi, he has declared
the need for a revolution, and both these men were known for their daring to
take a stance against the powers of the nation, years before anything like
opposition APC existed. Principle, honesty and boldness many of us fail to
have. I doff my cap for Senator Ojudu. Nigeria should read him, listen to him
and give him the support he needs to give us the rights and life we deserve.
Senator Babafemi Ojudu is a leader.

Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian


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