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There are not many out of the 36 States Governors who has the intellectual capacity of the Edo State Governor- Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole. When we say ”intellectual capacity” we are not necessarily speaking about book knowledge. Many have gone to school and come out with much paper degrees, so much so that they want to add all the many acronyms and titles to their names to show how much they have achieved. With all of these degrees and things articulating themselves properly and in such a manner that would impress and make sense to those who would hear them is a major problem. That is one area, that the Edo State Comrade Governor has excelled and as done so better than most. From his days as the head honcho at the Labour Union, he has always had that mesmeric appeal and a way with words. 

That he has the blessings of articulation has only added to the fact that he is an action Governor, who has been a major blessing to his people. We just recently came across one of his speeches and just thought to reproduce it and show the heart of the great man. 

Hear him, 
“When I was sworn in, I did say that for us to make changes in Edo
state, we will need not only to step on toes but we may have to chop off
some toes, this is not the easiest task about people, I know 95% of
them voted for me. 

But again, why did you vote for me? Is it not to
provide a credible leadership that will secure the future of this state? 

There is a saying that a politician with a narrow mind thinks of the
next election, but a statesman thinks of the next generation. I think
that it is occasions like this that defines our character, whether we
are just mere opportunists in power or we seek office because we believe
that we need to do some things for Nigeria to change?”

Thought provoking we think!!!


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