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Love her or hate her, na your own wahala!!! She living her own life & seems to be having major fun all by herself, not minding whose ox is gored!!! You all recently say the preggie pictures of the mother of 2, flaunting her protruding belly on the cover of Exquisite Magazine looking smashing. That cover was most probably the first of its kind in Nigeria, where the cover personality would actually & gladly show off her baby bump. 

Now after only just a few weeks, about eight and half weeks in all after the birth of her bouncing baby boy in the UK, the serial entrepreneur who owns the very popular Tiannah Styling Academy, A fashion house, a hair & beauty salon amongst several business investments, has already shed all her baby fat, most especially in the abs area and as regained her shape like she hadn’t a baby bump as recently as January 2014. 

So we came across the well toned ABS, on her instagram page just yesterday and in her own words- A lot of women out there can’t even wear a bikini after one child. But after 2 kids I can still flaunt this body thanks to my amazing workout plan/Tiannah’s Glow Natural Products #homemaderemedies from Tiannah’s Place beauty spa and my waist trainer which I wore at least 6 hours a day after and during workouts #teamnostretchmarks….Remember prevention is better than cure………………


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  • Nice Toyin. Keep it up you look .net .bizzzzz. All of the above. I also love the marketing of your products hey u can do that having set the example.

  • When you have a tummy tuck pre-pregnancy and then get pregnant later, the pregnancy doesn't stretch that much.

  • Mama born girl welcome back. Now Aloba bring that story where she said a couple had drifted apart. Grandma soon? But no be you born pikin recently for yank?

  • MBG born pikin recently ke. Have been following her since LL hot days, she married early, her daughters are grown up and her son is the only young one. But not young as blogs in Naija. She and ruby woo, mama somtee and shakara used to discuss marriage, sex n parenting.

  • Why do you think she has the name Mama born girl? She was Preggie then changed after having her baby to MBG. Yes all from LL. 3 or 4 years now.

  • naaaa dat was Mama na Girl for LL
    i remember her vividly, dont think that one visits this blog, thats about 3yrs now, d baby go don dey waka self

  • You are very correct. Thanks for that I had to do search and i saw this- mama na girl18 January, 2012 11:00
    yor ma peeps……thanks y'all, was on vacation and oga seized ma lappy say i too like cyber gist.. but am back now…miss u all…bambino s throwing kisses right back @ u all o