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Hmmmmmmm!!!!!Ladies and their drama!!! We might not have come across this, if not for a falling out between former friends. The fight must have been vicious for the other friend here- Gbemi Phillips to go on the social media to divulge her erstwhile friend’s secret. Apparently this young and well known lady very recently, as recently as about a month ago had gone to Atlanta, Georgia in the USA to go do the what many have come to call the Brazilian butt (bum) augmentation. So called because many seem to be of the opinion that the Brazilian ladies have some of the best looking posteriors in the universe. If that assertion is true we do not know. 

Anyways the young lady who felt the best way to add value to her outlook was to add to her derriere, went on to do her bum and it apparently cost her $10,000 good Dollars. Shebi! Na her problem? If she likes let her add concrete!!! But Gbemi apparently wouldn’t have none of the, it’s my private business I can do as I please. So she went on the social media to call her friend out- Hear her- Tell that dunce that just spent $10000 on ass implants. Shit don’t even look right…..Low self esteem is such a bitch plus the need to get paid more per night sorry job…..silly thing. 

So who is this young lady with the fresh new derriere, set to ‘wound’ Lagos with her new acquisition? You all already know who Gbemi Phillips is, was it okay for her to have put her friend on the chopping board like she’s done? Revealing a secret her young friend would have loved to keep on the down low.


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