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Monalisa Chinda, Waje, Chigul and many more are walking against cancer in Abuja with EXQUISITE MAGAZINE on the 5th of April 2014.

The Exquisite Magazine against Cancer Walk, EMAC
is held to increase the awareness for cervical, breast and prostate cancer and also
provide FREE Screening.

Every year exquisite with the support of its
partners has been able to screen a number of people free of charge at the Exquisite Magazine Against Cancer walk. In
2014, a number of walks will be held, one of them being the EMAC walk Abuja in April and the annual
EMAC Walk in Lagos in September
. Tewa Onasanya the editor in chief of
exquisite magazine states that “we aim to raise more awareness for these cancers
and highlight the importance of early detection via regular screening”.

The Aim is to continue to increase the awareness for:

 Cervical cancer (the only cancer
with a pre cancerous stage) which kills one woman every hour in Nigeria

 Breast cancer which kills a woman
every minute and

 Prostate cancer where eight in ten
black men will be affected in their lifetime.’’

Intending Participants should register at or send an email to or call 08098886184

You can also register
on the day of the walk (5th April) by 8am at the Millennium Park,


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