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The 10 Real Tips to Becoming a Billionaire like Dangote by Dr Peregrino Brimah


was recently called to approve of a very handsome advertising offer
from the D. Group in a magazine I edit. It was really good money. I told
the online magazine to politely reject the offer. It will be better we
stay broke and poor than partake in his filthy wealth and lose our
principles and dignity, I told them. On one condition can we accept to
run his ads—if he promises to reduce the extortive price of cement for
all Nigerians by just 20%, we will run his ads for free for him for one
whole year.

Nigerians have a problem. We praise and appraise
anyone with wealth without realizing and questioning the source of their
wealth…whether or not it is from our inheritance and stolen from our
suffering and dying parents. This sycophancy and celeb-worship renders
us—as a society—hopeless, worthless, denuded and condemned to a
second-class life of misery, begging and poverty.

The problems
Nigeria faces today with the oligopolistic cabal were faced by the
United States earlier in its history with the Robber barons and the rise
and wars of the labour unions. One only hopes and prays that Nigerians
wake-up now, and Nigeria will not be saved from its Robber barons by a
tortuous and arduous, bloody and luck-dependent process as happened in
the United States. If you know our government is evil, what do you call
the cabal—who literally own the evil government and work behind the
scenes to ensure the government protects their interests and their
ventures to our permanent detriment? These same cabal were behind our
worst dictators and again selected, sponsored and have been behind our
terrible politician regimes including this one.

To explain my position on Dangote, I here present the 10 secrets to being a successful Dangote, the true edition:

Get a powerful government friend, preferably the President. Aliko
Dangote got Obasanjo. Not his second term but since his first term at
the head of the government. It was during Obasanjo’s military rule in
the 70’s that their partnership was kindred and Obasanjo first gave
Dangote sole-importation rights.


2. Ask your government friend to
give you sole importation or manufacture rights. Dangote first got this
through Obasanjo in the seventies. Choose an essential commodity, not a
luxury. Choose food, cement, roads, cars, mobile phones/internet,
anything Nigerians cannot do without so the government can impose your
monopoly on the people and they will have no choice. A dollar-a-head
multiplied by 168 million Nigerians. Voila! World billionaire!!!

Ask your government friend to also give you zero-barest minimum import
tariffs on all equipment and materials you wish to import. Dangote
practically owns his own ports.

4. Next, get your government
friend to promote and secure your company to be the only ‘business’
allowed to manufacture and sell whatever product you are engaged in.
Cement, rice, etc. Dangote according to reports admitted that the
Nigerian government once got him to import so much rice, it crashed the
local market. Do this and you are on your way to your first billion.

Secure your position by sponsoring and collaborating with all
governments, military or civilian. When it comes to politics and
political parties, as Dangote does, sponsor both sides, whoever will
take your dirty money; so whoever wins, your oligopoly is secured.

Privatization: Buy state assets at a fraction of the price from your
government friends, who are by now secret investors and share-holders in
your business. Have the government refurbish these assets for trillions
and sell them to you for one-tenth of the price.

7. Kill
Competition: Now that you have benefited immensely from the generosity
of the government and nation, have the government permanently ban all
competition. For instance, ensure that there is now a very high tariff
on the import of cement so no one can compete with your monopoly.

Be ready to blackmail. Anytime a competitor successfully imports even a
single bag of cement, close a small branch of your company and announce
in the papers that 1000 workers were laid off/sent to rest because the
import of that bag of cement ‘crashed prices’ and so there will be an
unemployment crises. Dangote loves this one. Anytime Yar’Adua or other
President pushed him to reduce his exorbitant prices that defied the
laws of supply and demand, he quickly temporarily shuts a plant down to
blackmail the president with the fictitious unemployment crises.

Set your prices triple the price for that commodity before you got
involved and triple the global average price. For instance, sell your
cement at $12/bag when everywhere in the world it sells for $4-5/bag.
Even imported cement sells for $4-5/bag in Nigeria. But since your
monopoly is protected by your politician friends in power, you are free
to set your prices as you like to crush and deplete the masses of their
money while declaring double quarterly profits for your government and
foreign share-holders…as Dangote always does. People will believe it is
the cost of doing business in Nigeria. Fool them, though you know that
every other businessman who likewise does business in Nigeria, competes
with global costs, keep declaring your double profits, enjoying cheap
labor, free land and no tariffs. Get rich by making your countrymen

10. Keep it running: Stay out of direct politics; do not
make the mistake of Abiola. Stay on the sidelines, be the one to choose
and sponsor candidates into the parties; publicize yourself as a
charitable employer of labor. Keep sponsoring political candidates with
back-door deals for them to handover the nation’s oil wells, resources,
land and the people’s pockets to you. Help politicians invest and
launder their money.

Two Islamic hadiths that Dangote wannabes can relate to:
Huraira narrated that the Prophet said: A time will come upon the
people when one will not care how one gains one’s money, legally or
illegally. (Bukhari)

It is reported by Jabir that the
Prophet said: The flesh and body that is raised on unlawful sustenance
shall not enter Paradise. Hell is more deserving to the flesh that grows
on one’s body out of unlawful sustenance. (Ahmad).

Dangote business model some are understudying can never make a penny
outside Africa. Check his money making ventures—all are local. In
America it takes ingenious thinking, brilliant ideas, discipline and
skills to become a renowned millionaire. In Nigeria it takes shrewdness,
dirty bloody money and corrupt connections.

Unfortunately for
those who have been reading the recent out-pour of press by Dangote,
supposedly teaching them how to be successful entrepreneurs: know now
that your ‘teacher’ is your worst enemy. Dangote will block you from
establishing any business in Nigeria. We all will ultimately soon be his
glorified slaves (employees) until and unless a true Nigerian civilian
or soldier leader breaks the cabal monopoly. Our current administration
as with those in our past, is more evil than is easily seen. We do not
notice and there is little press when they lock us in binds to be openly
robbed and extorted by the cabal. The government never supports
healthy, necessary competition to protect the interests and prosperity
of the masses; and the cabal are so heartless they will usurp every
advantage given by the desperate and insensitive politicians they bought
into office.

Till we are delivered or deliver ourselves from the
claws of these government-partner monsters, we must all say no to the
cabal. We must avoid their goods as much as we can and patronize
competitors even if their prices are a bit higher. It will pay in the
long run if we do so. A little hunger today will secure food for our
children tomorrow. This is our only chance.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian


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  • 10 Real tips? All you need is 1: have powerful friends in government who will grant you a monopoly in the importation of most essential commodities in the country… Try that, and see if you too won't become a billionaire.