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We all already know that gorgeous actress and crooner Tonto Dikeh is a warrior, it takes a strong one to face the avalanche of scrutiny she faces most often and still stand strong. One of the things we know very well about our very beloved poko is that she doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind about any issue, wherever, whenever and we believe her growing legion of fans have come to love her for who she is. 

She was recently thinking out very loud on the social media about 2 or 3 weeks ago we think, and what she had to say got our attention. 

Hear her- I dny fink I understand Galz, Lesbianism n Deir constant battle about friend snatching…Like really?? NObody who wantz to stay gets snatched, dey walk away coz U Re cold now to a Hotter New…Itz Only natural, Calm down Karma is a bitch, D New Fry getz Old too…Jux like ma writeup sayz As u Lozz dem u re Growinup’ Soon watz wrong with grownUpz ‘ SHOUTOUT to all ma friendz I Love Y’ALL 

We thought to give it to you as we saw it. Now thinking about it,  what was the whole shenanigan above all about? Who and what is Tontolet addressing? Who was she aiming her vitriol at?


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  • She needs to improve on her writing skills its so so bad gosh!! I wonder hw her followers gets to communicate with her. *flipshair* *walks away*

  • PC;
    it's and not its.

    Redundant use of so. You used it twice.

    Followers get is also the correct thing.

    How not hw.

    Madam/Oga Corrector.

  • Mr aloba plss ur late on some first hand quick gist na. Plsss talk on ABI and FUNKE KUKU marriage Crash, also Jite and Mina Okoloko's. Final Seperation,I read Jite's new wife has moved into his House n Mina will soon remarry. I hail them for dis Couple Jite n Mina to hide their marital fkaws and moved on seperatly witout Noise. Abeg thumpsUp to them. Aloba bring d stories on MM abeg.