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Though we heard late, it is better late than never at all. Otunba Mike Adenuga’s favourite daughter- Bella Adenuga-Disu some days back, at most about a week and half ago gave birth to her 2nd child, adding to the growing clan of the billionaire’s grand-children, mother and her new baby her doing very very well. 

The naming ceremony we heard was on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, meaning she would have given birth on the Tuesday, March 18, 2014 preceding the Tuesday of the naming ceremony. As per the names given the new baby we do not know yet, but we would get it across as soon as we are able.

Congratulations to the couple on the new addition. 2 now, about 2 more to go we think!


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  • This why i love old money folks, so low key, you dont even hear anything aboutt them

    Yet its all these new money fcking bitches like chika ike, anne idibia and all those trollops posting shyt on social media.

    Useless money miss road Hos.

    I so admire this Bella chick. Filthy rich yet so low key. Hardly do you hear anything at all. Some day when i become a billonaire thats how i will raise my kids.

    to all the mbgeke bush illiterates with new found money (money miss roads),.Learn from the old money folks

  • Going by the true definition of the word, Adenuga isn't old money. I get your point regarding being quiet about it.
    Mentioning those women where Adenuga is mentioned is disrespectful. You can call them money miss road but new money they ain't.

  • What do u mean by 'new money' I went to Queens College with one of his daughters Oyinda that was in the early/mid nineties and trust me when I tell you they were rich then too maybe not as much as they are now but they certainly we're not poor. Plus in those days it was v rare to see a student being brought to school with a mopol in tow and Oyinda did,all through out our QC days & just like her sister she was quiet then and is quiet now,as far as I'm concerned she's never changed still her sweet reserved self

  • Okay so I left QC in the late 80s and didn't meet you guys. The fact she was in your set in the 90s doesn't make her old money. She's from a wealthy home. End of. Without sounding disrespectful your parents will best describe what new and old money mean. Something along the lines of those who made money in the 60s and 70s are old money. Even MKO Abiola who made his money from 1979 can't be classified as old money.
    The Yaradua family, the TOS Benson family and the FA Nzeribe family readily come to mind.

  • I pray God bless me with wealth,a Gods sent husband,joy of motherhood with long life and prosperity,so I can eat the good fruit of my labour amen. God answer me amen