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So sad that recognition most often comes after a misfortune that cannot be reversed or helped. At only 28 years old one of the very promising music acts in Nigeria has passed on. She had battled gallantly for a long period of time multiple sclerosis (an inflammatory disease that affects the spinal cord and the brain). She battled the problem all by herself for a whole year. 

We even heard just yesterday that at a point a few friends had appealed to the public to help raise money about $60,000 for her treatment, but no one responded. 

The very sad aspect of it, is that in her own world (music industry) none looked her way. A particular world where many flaunt money as if there’s no tomorrow, where people throw money around like it’s nothing, just 4 of the so called musicians could have raised the money without any stress on them. That would have been a call to help save our own. 

But we totally understand anyway, it’s the end times and one of the features of this time is that the heart of men would wax cold, there wouldn’t be love. So helping out a sister in need wouldn’t be a priority. Wow! It’s cold cold world, people only celebrate with you when all is well, but once things turn over, you are left for the dogs to maul on. 

Na wa oooooo.  Sadly Margaret Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiro Joseph aka Zara Gretti passed on yesterday morning. Her last tweet the night before her death was ”I Love & Hate my Life”

May her Soul rest in Peace!!! Rest Soldier, rest!!!


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