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We ain’t saying nothing whatsoever, we have only noticed that Flavour Nabania loves to show off his buff body, either in pants or swimming trunks, or even in his videos wriggling is waist with fantastic dexterity, much to the delight of his numerous female fans. These legions of female worshipers can’t just stop dreaming of the body and the power therein and what the movement of that waist can do to them. Right now the dude is most definitely on top of his game and is having great fun at it.

The picture of above though doesn’t say anything extraordinary, is just a bit too close for comfort, 2 well arranged (body-wise) guys standing so close to each other in the pool with only their trunks on………………..hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Seemingly to ward off any unpleasant thoughts from any quarters, you see him sending out a shout out to his supposed boo- Dillish……….after about an hour later after posting the picture. 

Some reactions about the picture below.




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  • When did we become so sensitive to 2 men standing close together or holding hands? This was not a strange thing in our culture before now. These days everyone is gay; therefore Flavour and his friend are gay. I think we should stop already and stop all these insinuations. It does not bode well for gays and non-gays. And for our society for that matter.

  • abeg every body should leave him alone,

    In africa same sexes hold hands to gether and walk the streets (even sometimes hipping and hopping), take pictures together and ofcourse the most popular is dancing together at a party.

    That doesnt mean gay. This is just our african culture

    We love each other. So everybody can shift.

  • Somebody in Linda's blog said he/she does not like the "pojition" of the other guy's hand. Me sef follow gree – his pojition hafi tosh sontin.