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Call her ageless and you wouldn’t be far off, call her flawless and you are most definitely hitting the target, call her evergreen and you are also saying something that is very correct and not a lie. All these nomenclatures and more just to describe the former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 1991. 

Born 1968, making her 46 years old this year. Adenike Asabi Osinowo-(Soleye) has been in our face since she emerged on the scene as a beauty queen 23 years ago. We have eaten and drank from her palms ever since. Though so many tales have been said about the very delicious looking one, nothing seem to have stopped her in her strides anyway. 

What has really re-ignited our love for her is new face that we came across a few weeks ago at an event. Such well structured high cheek bones, such professionally sculpted and well rounded ones at that. If you have the wherewithal or resources and you know how best to bring out the best in you, why not just enhance it. 

Check out our gorgeous Mama Twins, the queen of hearts and see what we are on about.


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  • You are having a laugh right? She's unrecognisable with those cheek fillers and botoxed face. She also needs new implants for her fallen breasts. Nike has cut her age too. She's 50 this year. I remember Doctor got engaged to her in 2008 and she was 44.

  • Really??? Pleaseeee!!! What cheeks are you talking about? Stop.gushing over this superficial woman. Pls tell me what she has achieved? At her age, what she has achieved is what people should be talking about about now and not about vanity stuff. With all the connections she had, what did she established that helps common people? Nothing. Only in 9ja is someone being idolized for being in a public without doing any worthy charity. What a screwed up society. In abroad, giving back to the society or doing a. Charitable event is what gives you a factor. With all the money she made and at her age, she still lives in a rented house. If she lives in her own house in a choice area it wouldn't be too much. She used all her money on clothes and jewelries, something to show off. Unfortunately, her time has passed. Those men are looking for fresh face in their 20s. It doesn't matter how she look and with all her plastic surgeries, gravity will tell. Should should have made her hays when her sun shines. She should have done the so called DVD/Perfumes 20 years ago and they both would have been sold out. No one cares about her now. That was why her DVD flopped. She said she's smart. No ma? U are not that smart. If you were as you said, you would have done something like your bad smelling Asabi perfume 20 years ago and it would have been sold out. You are not as valid un the social circle as you were before.

    • True talk. You take the word out of my mouth. She is as rude as they come. She is no longer a factor in the society as in the past. Who cares about her cheeks or love her? Definitely not me. Maybe Maestromedia does. Pls stop making this old haggard relevant as no one cares

  • Nike Oshinowo??? Very condescending, self centered, rude and have no respect for elders. Ask her so called friends . They can't stand her and her fake ness. Who is Nike? Nobody. She comes from a regular family from Ibadan and acts like Aristide. Give me a break!!! Very snobbish and superficial. Which twins??? Just to be relevant . How can someone that cannot live with an adults stand kids. She is just making those noises to be relevant. I have nothing personal against her it should bothers me that someone is being praised for being vain. She thinks about Nike and no one matters to her except Nike . She lives in Nike's land that is why the men test and runs away. She is an hand full and Aloba shouldn't get me started. Honestly, she's not all that as someone people thinks.

  • Lol. I'm sure you are being sarcastic with that statement. What cheeks are u talking about Mr Aloba??? Perhaps u are in love with her alone??? Simply because the lady time I checked, no one cares about this old plastic face woman. She as rude as they come and makes herself to look like the best thing that had ever happened since slice bread to nigeria. Her face is robust/ fuller and I think she must have had fat injection on her face to avoid wrinkle as people that are slim get to face wrinkle face as they get older. She needs to live in a real world and stop all this her fakeness

  • Hmmm! Many is it that anytime this lady is being talked about, the comments that people left are not always pleasant??? Just wondered if she's such an unpleasant person. Why do they dislikes her so much? I wouldn't say is because of her beauty simply because Helen Prest Ajayi, Bianca Ojukwu and Binta Sukai were all pretty beautiful and people does leave such an unpleasant comments when they were talked about. Madam Nike you need to change perhaps how you treat or relate to people as people doesn't have pleasant thing to talk about you. I'm not judging you as I know people can be mean towards someone that is doing well but in your own case. It seems a lot. Perhaps you need to be more humble and respectful towards people. Pardon my preaching. Is just absurd to me for someone to be talked about with such contempt. Good luck.

  • chai your grammer is giving me headache and why do i have a feeling that its same anon posting different comments…back to the matter ..the cheeks needs to stop

  • Wondered why this woman is not well like? Does anyone knows why? Could it been that they are jealous of her? For what? As far asy research, I don't see or read about any tangible thing on her life worth being jealous of. Perhaps she is just an unlikeable person. Some people are like that. They were just being dislike for nothing. As a matter of fact, she might need to re-evaluate her attitude to people . No
    One is better than another. You might be privileged but don't rub it off up on people.

  • Come, wetin this woman do you? I believe is one anon posting these different comments. Old girl, your grammer, na waya! And to the present, she never tire?

  • lol @ the cheeks comments. Of course she did something that makes the cheeks fuller. Stop lying Aloba. Nothin about the cheeks special than having some fat there. @ anon. 9.49 I wondered why the hate. The girl can be annoying and have in your face attitude like i'm the best looking girl in nig. but guess that is who she is and I'm sure her friends are ok with her person if not, they wouldn't be with her.

  • So one hater went on writing different comments, abi? Haba! Your hate is so large, it can't be summed up in one post? Singing…man to man so unjust.

  • It seems one person wrote all these horrible comments that seem to come from a place of hate and envy. Nike actually isn't that bad. She has also done a lot for the awareness of endometriosis in Nigeria. So I ask the hater…what have you contributed to your country lately?

  • Lmao at this anon. Were you her house girl that was dismissed? Cos you definitely did not pass through the 4 walls of any school. Maybe she got fillers, Botox, whatever, she looks amazing for her age. Younger girls are already getting work done, bombs, lipo, butt injections. At the end of the day no one wants to look old, I am in my 30s and I am already getting lines around my eyes. It scares me like crazy. The moment I can, I will get Botox fast.

  • Na wa for this same person leaving different comments 20 mins after each other. Kilode Nike thief your husband?

  • @ all the anonymous. It seems we have just 2 anonymouses here:- 1) the first one bashing Nike and the 2). The second anon. Defending her. BOTH of you should get a life and focus on yourselves. Moving forward and in responses to both of you, to the first anon. Nike is known for being self centered and if it works for her and pays her bills, who cares??? Is her life. Congratulations to her. On the 2nd anon. You said she put awareness on Endometriosis??? Pleaseeeee!!! Not to take away from what she must have done for the endometriosis foundation but I feels with all those people that she knows when she was a beauty queen, she could have done better before now. TO MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED. You use a celebrity status to help the community and put awareness on whatever you choose as your platform. That is what Celebrities does in abroad. On a last note, "Let there be peace in my house".lol

    • i'm not for speaking poor English Grammar, but Anonymous April 5, 2014 at 12:00 PM is telling the truth

  • To comments at 12.00 pm. U took the word out of my mouth to the anonymouses. That is it. LOBATAN.