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Contrary to the tales flying around about the health of the magnate that many have come to refer to as the leader, or most often the grandmaster, he is hale and hearty. 

The unfounded tale had it that the energy mogul had suffered a heart attack in Abuja, the FCT shortly after meeting with Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 

But in apparent disgust and disbelief at the news and those carrying such tales, he is said to have spoken exclusively to The Will online at his Ikoyi home via a conference call dismissing the news as utter falsehood. 

The report was totally dismissed by the oil magnate. ”The report is utter nonsense” ”I have never suffered a heart attack. I am in my house in Ikoyi. I am a normal person. I am hale and hearty. The last time I visited the hospital was for a pain in my back. I haven’t been to Abuja in over a month, so I don’t know where they are getting these lies from.

Jide Omokore is the Chairman of Atlantic Energy and one of the top top 10 richest Nigerians in the world. One of his companies is SPOG Petrochemicals Nigeria Limited, one of the companies or brands under the Energy Resources Group amongst several others. The group’s annual turnover is said to be around $400 million.


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