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After all the brouhaha, shock and disbelief that attended the alleged break up of one of Nigeria’s most successful duo to date or should we say trio(Paul, Peter & Jude), the alleged combatants seem to have allowed common sense to reign and have now sheath their former drawn swords. 

Whatever it was that made them see reason, it is most definitely a very welcomed development and their fans sure appreciate it. If we can add our own little cup of tea, we are of the opinion that the break-up wouldn’t have been beneficial for all of them. Apart from Jude, we think survival would have been very hard for the twin if they had gone solo. 

P Square is a duo, a team. 2 singing and dancing brothers who have done extremely well together as a team, protected by their elder brother. It’s not has if they are the best singers in Nigeria or best dancers or even the most handsome, but their combo was heaven’s made, unmatchable and unrivaled.  There was just this grace about them. Now at the height of it all, they now want egos to rob them of so much. Naaa the devil is a LIAR!

If it was the Glo warning that made them retrace their steps, then it is great. If it was that and many other factors that was considered, then all well and good.  All those involved in helping to sort out the problems should be commended. 

We do not want another unnecessary break-up that wouldn’t be beneficial to the group and even to the fans. See as D banj is still grappling to make it happen at that same level as it was in the days of Mo’ Hits…….., but it’s still a struggle. Though the break up has allowed for Dr Sid & D’Prince to blossom, what would it have been like if D banj was still a part of that colossal team.

So Paul, Peter & Jude don’t kill this winning formula ooooooo. Do not allow success, money, fame, even ‘women’ etc get you guys totally swollen headed oooooooo. This is a blood family, fight and sort your differences out and move on. And please Jude calm down sir!!!!

We love P Square, not Peter Square or Paul P Square. Just P SQUARE!!!!!!

Enough said.


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