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Just like we had expected, it (the wedding) lived up to the hype, billing that heralded it. What less can one expect when 2 juggernauts (families) come together, that is talking about the Okoyas & the Alao-Akalas.

Sunday, April 20, 2014 was the d-day. The very expansive compound (Olorunisola Estate) of the Okoyas was the convergence point. In attendance were many of the A-class people that makes event happen. Men!!!Truth be told loads and loads of gorgeous damsels dotted everywhere. Remember that the groom, Olamiju is the heir apparent to the former Governor of Oyo State, Bashorun Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala (the kingpin of Ogbomosho), while Hadiza Raisa Okoya is perhaps one of the most brilliant and most gorgeous daughters of Chief Razak Akanni Okoya. 

So the wedding party was superlative in every way one can look at it. Some of those we saw at the occasion were the likes of HRM Oba Dr. Adedapo Tejuosho, Osile Oke Ona Egba, Chief Molade Okoya Thomas, Otunba Subomi Balogun & his Erelu, Pelebo Banigo, Senator Gbenga Ashafa, Dame Abimbola Fashola, Adejoke Orelope Adefulire, Otunba Adekunle Ojora, Justice Oguntade, Gbenga Daniel, Musiliu Obanikoro, Nkiri Anumudu, Teddy Shine, Omowunmi Akinnifesi, Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa, Dammy Krane, Abiola Atanda, Florence Ita-Giwa, Shina Peller, Tonto Dikeh, Wizkid and very many others. 

On the bandstand at occasions like this was the one & only KSA King Sunny Ade, who did justice to the occasion, the man sure knows how rouse the passion of the wealthy. The bride and groom looked gloriously dashing in their wedding outfits as was expected. Hadiza is a beauty queen any day, anywhere. We totally love the package, everything was on point and guests, especially the much younger crowd all looked super. It was obvious that many made the effort to stand out even in their Aso-ebis (group-wear). 

All that makes parties, occasions and events like this stand out were in over abundance.

We had the event covered for your viewing pleasure. Check the pictures out.

























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  • Beautiful fabric, beautiful bride and beautiful smiles by the couple.

    The red off the shoulder outfit; A star.

  • No pun intended and I have nothing against Sade sincerely. However it bothers me that the eldest wife (Kiburat) wasn't in any of the pictures that was posted on this blog and other blogs. Just wondering also if the brides mother is alive. I heard that her mother is from Liberia and kind of sad if she is alive and okoya didn't allow her to witness her daughters most happiest day. One if the wishes of any mother is to witness the day that their daughter get married. Sade was the bride mothers of the day. I think this Okoya man doesn't get if simply because when Ajoke daughter got married, she wasn't allowed at the wedding and Sade acted as the bride's mother. Irrespective of Okoya issues with their mothers, I think he should have accorded the honour to them to be present at their daughters wedding . I. Wondered why Sade decided to be brides mother when their biological is alive. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. There must be something wrong with this Okoya man. Will leave that for another day. Sade acted like she is the only woman in his life. I was at a party one time and Okoya came with Sade and the Senior wife happens to be at the party too with her friends. This Senior wife(Kuburat) sat 3 tables away from Okoya and Sade. I saw Sade clinging to the man and putting food in his mouth at a big society party. I went to the party with my husband and he was the first person that noticed their PDA and said their action was not only disrespectful to the woman but is also insensitive. How can you be clinging towards a woman you married yesterday and not show any respect towards a woman that has been with you forever. Ajoke was once Okoya's apple, where is she today. Please I do not wish them any ad as both my husband and myself were President of PDA but we do
    Not do that at the expense of someone else. If they do this at a big society party while the woman was there with her friends, then I wondered how tbd woman must have be treated at home by Okoya. To borrow leaf from one of Chief Ebenezer. Obey song that says "Rora rora feso Se laiye, Ile aiye ta wa o, aiye gab pele o". Also another songs says. To ba je iwo lo loni, elomiran nba wa Lola . Sade Okoya thread lightly and respect your senior wife. Remember that she is a human too and irrespective of her age she have feelings for this man too. She had been with her man before you were born. Keep your clinging with the man and those PDA at home. If your love life with the man is that perfect just like you always show it at parties, wondered why their is need for you to show it or validate it the public at the expense of the Senior wife.

    • Polygamous wahala. Na them sabi. Sade is too young for polygamous game. Money talks sha. That one Na there wahala. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Heard her mother lives with her and being that Sade came from polygamous home herself I'm sure that her mother is fully behind her ATM machine. Go figure.

    • Hon. Abike Dabiri has become party animal. Must she goes to all these Owambes? Is she now an Owambe Honorable or what? With everything happening in the country, she needs to put her ass in Abuja and stop being a party animal.

  • I agree with you regarding the absence of the brides mums (including ajoke). But I think d children should have put their feet down and insisted their mums be present. I would never take that from my dad, as long as my mumis still alive (without necessarily disrespecting him). The worst that can happen is for the father to disinherit me

    • At anon. 11.08. True talk. This Okoya man must be an animal and wicked person and Sade will be next in line. I heard the brides mother is alive. The same shit happens when one of Ajoke's daughter got married . What kind of a man will deny a mother that carried the pregnancy for 9 months such joy? I thought people said that Sade is a smart woman? I do not see any smart from this woman after all she is a mother too. If she is that smart, she would have pleaded and persuaded the man to put her differences with those woman aside and let them be present at their daughters wedding. Being the apple of the man as they said, perhaps the man would have agreed with her. I wondered why she decided to take the bride mothers roles when their mother is not only alive but also hale and heathy. Perhaps she wanted to shine and being able to show off her jewelry. Who cares about her superficiality? She comes across too vain and shallow. Vanity upon vanity. At the end if the day, is all 6 feet. Okoya should do good by his ex-wife's and stop making himself look like a grumpy and bitter old man. I saw both Okoya and Sade at a party once and the way they were whispering to each other's ear, kissing and putting small chops into each others mouth doesn't Mae them look good . Okoya you are a GrandPa and should act like one when you are in the public. No one cares. If both Okoya and Sade love is that solid, why do they have to prove it yo people whenever they are in public? She needs to respect the senior wife too after all they have been married forever. With Okioyas track record, is a matter of time before she pushes Sade on the side too .

  • 1-the bride's mum was at the wedding. She was more prominent in pictures from last week.
    2-Okoya will not be taking another wife, he is old,frail and ill and obviously Shade has a solid "grip" on him.
    3-try not to poke your nose in other people's affairs, you don't know the bargain that was struck between kubirat, shade and the chief before she allowed him to bring her in. You don't even know if kubirat is still there because shade allowed it. The dynamics in a polygamous family are very complex. Live and let live.

    • Anon- 12.48 I rarely do comments on blogs but you reached a cord in me when you made one of the most stupidest comments I have ever heard and I
      1) "You don't even know if Kuburat is still there because
      Sade allowed it". Are you really for real? I really have nothing against Sade but I feel like she is nothing but reaping where Kuburat sown and the right statement should have been "Sade was ever in that house or still there because Kuburat allowed her"
      2)You said Sade have a solid grip on Okoya and you even quoted the "grip". Hmmmmm!!! GRIP. What kind of grip are you talking about? Got it. African Grip. Anyway you couldn't be far from the truth as I heard Sade's mother lives with her in Okoya's house. Good for her. Ajoke had more grips on Okoya than Sade when she was married to him. Sade came when Ajoke has smarten Okoya up and open his eyes up. she better invest in her future and stop going after all these jewelries and material stuff because the man dies tomorrow, Kuburat and the children will show her the door and tell her she is nothing but a gold digger.Tell me where is Ajoke today in Okoya's household? No where.What goes up always come down and like you said the dynamics in polygamous home are complex so anything can happen. – Rupert Murdoch married Wendi Deng was in his 70 when he married Wendi and divorced her at 82. Nothing is predicable or impossible in this life. A man can fall out in live at any age. A man can get married again at any age as long as is alive.
      3) I saw most of the wedding pictured from this blog and other blogs and did not see any strange face that wrTs same Aso Ebi that the bride and groom parents wore. The only person at the wedding that wore same Aso Ebi with both Sade and Okoya was Justice Oguntade's wife – Modupe. Even Akala other wife wore the same outfit with the grooms mother. That is how you do it in a polygamous family. Okoya needs to borrow leaf from his In-law – Oba Tejuosho. Sade did same thing at Ajoke daughters wedding. I did not see Ajoke at her daughters wedding just because Okoya is still mad with her. They were both adult and there differences shouldn't affect their children.
      Last but not the least, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and we do not have to agree or see things from the same perspective.

    • Get a life…they probably don't even know you exist, why the long dissertation? Or did Okoya or shade break your heart. See me see trouble o!

  • are u sure sade has not "invested in her future" because she is wearing jewellery??…why all this presumptious statements??

  • Who cares? Na dem sabi. I have to work triple times to put food on my table . All I know for sure is never pray to. Ever be like this so called lousy billionaires in our country. I work with a bank and I know that majority of if this rich people, when you take the money they were owing the bank out of their money. They are broke with nothing left for their kids to inherit. Na Okoya,Sade and Kuburat problem be that. Case closed.

  • The woman standing wit Bola Olatilo and Rasaq Okoya in purple looks like the bride,is that her mother???

    • Brides mother ke? No ooo she a professional beggar who goes from one party to the other doing fine bara… all d money she gets is used in buying all d laces she wears to all these society parties.. her name is kubura

    • His first wife? Okoya himself caused this disrespect to Alhaja Kuburat. Anyway he and Sade are ill so their punishment is here already.

  • Which dirty illness, they both look superb, especially Sade, so shut your dirty trap abeg and stop hating!

    • Hating who? Illiterate, demonic, wicked, immoral, hiv stricken people? Hahahahahahahaha! Pele oh. With your money azt is nothing. See how gaunt you're looking now. Clearly the illness is taking a toll. Shut up or I will reveal more.

  • Is her mother Jennifer? She never lived in the house and they said she's not Nigerian. This girl is very pretty sha. To me the prettiest of his kids. Mmmm Okoya jist no fit contain here. Some people have said the truth and Sade and her voltrons are replying. Meanwhile this man has a loud mouth. If you see him outside and ask for any of his wives and any children he's fallen out with he will tell you the story of their lives and why they will not succeed without him. He holds Sade in high esteem jazz or no jazz and that's why no one is allowed into his own house except Sade, her kids and her mother. Even when they travel the mother is there to stop people from going in there. I'm happy for his kids that have broken off and liberated themselves even though I feel they still need deliverance from all his evil. Look at Biola, that one walks around like a ghost. In polygamy it is best to save and save and save because you don't know what the future will bring. That's why some of his wives and kids are broke. Even his sister he abuses her but still loves her and she still sees his money. But the first wife's first kids, coco for them. Even the one that is still working for him, Sade wants him sacked from the company. Please there was no arrangement with his first wife. As far as he's concerned Sade is the last and reigning queen and the first wife's kids should look after their mother from all the money they have stolen from him. When he dies before they start fighting for properties, they have Sade to contend with. They should be ready because that one is a principality in her own way. Also some of these men are required to sleep with youth to enhance their lives.

    • Wow!!! True talk. That Okoya is very fetish. The senior wife (Kuburat) and Taofiki I heard were born agains and same applies to Moji Tejuosho. They all go to Redeemed church. The kind of jazz and atrocities on that house is unbelievable. Sade's mother lives in the house which is against Yoruba culture and the yoruba adage says ( A o ki ngbe Ile ano) translation for non yoruba (we don't live in in-laws house). Sade''s father was a polygamous man so Sade grows up in a polygamous home so she is accustomed to the game called polygamous game and she is playing it with her mother behind her. I'm sure she is following Okoya all around to all these big parties looking pretty while her mother is running around renewing the jazz for the way, we can't really blame Sade as she doesn't really know any better. Her bestie – mrs Oguntade who happens to be married to Okoya best friend Ret. Justice Oguntade is there too that needs to go and fix her face. Bunch of superficial materialistic,fetish and vain people. No amount of Jazz can supersede karma. She acts like she is all that and turning the man against not his other wives but also his children. The jazz in that house and all the fetish they are doing cannot contain this blog. And this applies to Okoya himself. Reason why the smartest and most humblest of his children, Moji Tejuosho left everything behind, moved to London and gave her life to God. She is now a very strong Christian . I truly believe in true love/ being with your soulmate the kind of love between Okoya and Sade doesn't look real and I feel bad for his children. It wasn't a secret to everybody in that family that out of all his children, Biola was his apple until Sade used her jazz and manipulation to separate them. She might look angelic and act like a saint and said I ' M a shy person from here to eternity. Pkeaseeee!!! Is all bull. Trust me, it will soon catch up for she and her mother. By hey have blinded the man eyes but God will open it soon and we all shall witness it. In Nigeria if they do a survey and they asked people what Okoya is known for,the first answer will be parties. With the little education Sade has. You wl think that she motivate the man to do more charity work and stop focusing on all this Owambes. Someone close to the family said years ago that sines of their parties were fetish. Look at some if his gigantic properties like the one in Apapa, Orile and Lekki wete not fully rented and they look like am haunted place.

  • Nah wa o. But karma is waiting for Shade o. We remember baba and Ajoke those days. There love be like shade and baba own. So Shade should beware. Shade let big mummy enjoy her husband. Shade!!!! Owon gboko gboko. Una no dey gree share, but chop alone. Ole. Giraffe neck. This girl no dey fear sef. Jazz they fail o. Expiring date dey fail. Even winch sef dey vex o…..Shade, hmmmmm

  • hiv ko haterade infestation venom ni.

    abeg free Sade, she looks amazing and makes her husband happy.

  • Oloriburuku, ore Shade @anon4;55pm, bet she is your role model. Well not all first wives are like Alhaja Kuburat. You shall meet your match that would send you to your grave, fucking hoes.

  • the parties are saara so yes very fetish. yes everyone knows the man and sade have hiv and that's why she's determined to milk him dry for infecting her. they go to germany a lot for treatment. hahahahahahahahahahaha. nto gi.
    sister moji correct woman.

  • Oloriburuku ni wo gan. Who told you that Alhaji Kuburat is his first wife. You better go and do your research well. Where was she when it was alleged he was sleeping with the children she bore him. Please maybe this is her own karma. Judge not!

    • Mmm I heard ooo and that's why biola is messed up,their father sleeps with his daughters which is what is required by the cult they belong to…chief onabanjo belongs to that cult as well…

  • Sade repent and turn to jesus,let d ist wife enjoy her hubby…vanity upon vanity if yuo gain d whole world.tnxx

  • Am not familiar with the Okoyas neither do I know much about polygamy.

    All I want to say is that HIV positive people should not be stigmatised. We all know they have it but let's keep HIV out of the jest.

    There are like 4 other people I've yapped on this blog who are HIV positive but I left that part out.

    Pls, biko… God bless us all.

  • Wo, lets leave them jare. These are all too deep. We would never understand, so lets leave matter………

  • MBG you now have a say because you don't know the couple. Your biz if you didn't mention the 4 you have yapped here today. Ayiri is one of them who doesn't know? Please they deserve all the abuse and stigmatisation they get. People that are even still spreading the virus around recklessly. Isn't Kuburat the first wife he actually married the ones before had some kids for him but he never married them. Basirat's mother for e.g. True about the woman turning her eye when the man was defiling his kids. They were in it together. The same way the Onabanjos were in it together.

  • My main concern is #Whereisthebridesmother. I couldn't be bothered about their crazy lifestyle of occultism. Stupid old man acting like an idiot at a big society party with a girl younger than his daughter. Even when is grand kids were at the party. Displaying love and cuddling is not meant for everywhere. Both illiterate, uncivilized people. Because someone graduate from a university doesn't make them literate and a civilised person #SadeOkoyagraduatefrom#Unilag#myfoot. She acts and dresses too over the top like an illiterate and Isale Eko girl. #noclass. Guess you can take a girl out of Ojuelegba but you can't take Ojuelegba attitude out of a girl. #justsaying.

    • What has a person's style preference got to do with their level of literacy? You must be a nitwit to have drawn the conclusion that because she flamboyant in her manner of dressing she must be an illiterate. I personally thought her style to be refreshingly gutsy and innovative. It takes an admirable level of confidence to pull off such looks and own them. Having said that she has reigned back the drama and is by all accounts more refined and restrained in her style choices these days. You cannot fault her svelte figure after dropping four kids, her flawless skin, beautiful makeup, jaw dropping jewelry or tailored to perfection outfits! Yes I am fan! If you don't like it go and hug transformer. She's living her life as she pleases, I suggest you take several seats and do the same. I don't condone any fetish practices and that is for her pocket if she does, only God can judge!

    • Shame on you Ms Vanity. Everything you used to sum up of Sade has to do with superficial stuff. Is she the first person that have a svelte figure after 4 kids? Pls give me a break. Who cares about blood money jaw dropping jewelry? Perhaps you. You need to hug transformer. With the kind of blood/occultist money Okoya has any woman that is married to him will look same too. So big deal. Give me a break. The hell is waiting for them and with that your comment, you are not too far from there too. There is more to life than all the material stuff. You are as shallow minded as your role model – Sade. They need to do something more substance to the community than doing all there sacrifices parties. I will rather be praised for my charitable contribution than for all these stupid show offs .

  • This is what Yoruba people call isale pro legbin. The source of their wealth is shameful and despicable, yet they a lauded and celebrated throughout society. What me I want to know is the love between Sade and Dupe Oguntade. Always wearing the same clothes and each others pockets. I understand that their husbands are friends but… Dupe seems to be riding Sade's cloak tail.

  • I doubt if they are really friends. More like oju aiye friendship. BTW she didn't finish her university education.

    • Really??? Are you saying that Sade didn't finish @ Unilag? I thought she said that she graduated in one of the interviews she gave sometimes ago? Even Okoya himself said she graduated and is in charge of one of his factories. Hmmmm!!! I wasn't that surprised reason being that she doesn't have any class. She acts and dresses like an Ojuelegba girl. She needs to be classy and elegant and stop acting just like a dropout.

  • Shame on you too Ms Hatred and Bile. Your judgemental attitude makes me sick. What charitable contributions have you made to society? What awards have you won and what recognition have you received? Answer is NONE. I can only comment on Sade's outward appearance because that is all I see. I have seen her at a few parties and she appeared humble enough and smiled warmly as we brushed past each other. Which speaks volumes compared to these stuck up and pompous society ladies out there. I will not cast aspersions on this woman's character without knowing the facts for myself and I certainly will not bear false witness against her just to make you feel better. So let us stick to the facts and stop all this hyper emotional hogwash. If hell is waiting for them, best believe you will be bunking beside them there! Are you God? Were you the babalawo that did the blood money sacrifice for them? Did they sacrifice one of your siblings? How can you speak so definitively about such private matters? If Okoya's money is blood money, then KUburat is implicated as well, because the man' s wealth has been stupendous even before SAde was born. Please shut your dirty trap before I get really angry and tear you to pieces. Sanctimonious piece of bull crap.

  • @ anon 6.13 am. Before you caused me out I think I should tell You guys to both get a life. Two wrongs doesn't make a right and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because Sade smile to you at a party doesn't means that she does that to another person . Perhaps you are someone of her kind ( please no pun intended). You guys should use the time you are using to trash each other for something substantial. I'm sure Sade doesn't even know if both of you exists. You both have a point and is no secret about Okoya Sara(many parties) and how Kuburat and her kids were born again now . With the kind if money Okoya has, it wouldn't hurt if he does give back to the community. Oprah Winfrey said in one if her interview that "Is better to give than to receive" translation "TO MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS EXPECTED". Look at Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Oprah herself. Is not about having show off parties and using jaw dropping jewelry