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You all already know that one of Nigeria’s best in the Nollywood industry has passed on. It was due to complications arising from an Asthma attack. She was age 51 years old and had died in Enugu, the Eastern part of Nigeria, where she had gone with her husband, on Monday, April 28, 2014. 

Encomiums from far and wide (most especially from the Nollywood world, which she bestrode like a colossus) have been pouring in all day since her untimely death was confirmed. The Nollywood’s outpouring of grief has been unprecedented. Madam was the brain behind such great television series like Fuji House of Commotion and CheckMate and Rattlesnake was one of her films.  

She owns Top Radio FM & BoBTV expo amongst her several business ventures.

She’s survived by her mom, her husband of 21 years and 3 kids. May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace!!!


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