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How the fraud worth a colossal 4.8 Billion Naira was successfully executed is still baffling. Especially considering the amount involved and also because of the church involved, everyone has been ordered or instructed to keep mum. The aftermath of it was a curse placed on all Pastors in the fold who steals or defraud.

The actual act involved 4 Pastors of the very popular church and a bank manager of a very popular ”new generation bank”, where the MD was recently promoted.

Apparently the 4 pastors were able to come across the sort code and other information about the church accounts, and through their knowledge and the connivance of a willing bank manager were able to perpetrate their dastardly act successfully to the tune of 4.8 Billion Naira.

After the act had been committed and the colossal amount discovered, 3 out of the Pastors involved developed wings on their feet and absconded, while only one was caught and also the bank manager involved. Upon interrogation the bank manager not in any way remorseful at all, and not flinching only claimed to have done his job, because apparently the pastors were able to convince him using the recorded voice of the church overseer to give instructions to make payments (initiate transfers).

So because of the way and manner the act was committed, and also because of the ease involved in how the fraud was committed and the colossal amount involved, the church head had to give strict instructions that the matter be kept hush-hush.


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