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Chief Nike Oshinowo is regarded to many as model, fitness expert, socialite, business woman, ambassador, entrepreneur and now finally, she has the
one title she has always longed for – mother.

In this exclusive heart warming story of the year, Chief Nike opens up to HELLO! Nigeria on every mystery surrounding her
life. We wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up a

She is truly an inspiration and an icon.

NIKE- “This
the only interview I’m going to give about it because my children
didn’t choose to come into this world or choose to be famous that way.
I’m the one who’s famous. My children are not famous. I’m hoping they’re
going to be able to live very normal lives.”
“I’m not supposed to be able to have children. I have endometriosis. I didn’t decide it was time, God decided it was time.”

About having children at 48

I think one thing you
should know with me is that I’ll tell you the truth. If you dare to ask a
question, I will answer. The answer might freak you out, but I will
answer you as honestly as I can. It can happen to anyone, I’m not
special.  I’m very close to my creator, and to be close to your creator,
you don’t have to go to church or to any special pastor, you just form a
one on one relationship with your God.

was out of my marriage, and I was lying in bed, talking to my God
“Okay, so, here I am, is this what you want for me?
Please tell me the next step. What am I supposed to do now?” and I fell
asleep. As I slept, I felt a tug on the bedding and I open my eyes…

I’m saying you have a
choice to choose. I chose to have my children look like the rest of my
family. I chose to have my children look like my cousins, the children
of my sister, the children of my brother – all the same colour. I did
what I needed to do to make that happen. My children bear Oshinowo. It’s
a very good surname to have!

About her ex-husband

The attraction to Dr.
Tunde Soleye was his mind. He had and still has amazing mind. I can’t
really explain it, but I’m not a highly sexual person and I’ve never
been able to be. If you are not, you have to be able to be attracted by
other things and he has a phenomenal mind.

Don’t forget I wasn’t 18
or 20 or even twenty-five at the time. I was forty! But I have to say I
was very much in love. Was I…guided? More by my heart than my head.
Isn’t that nice to be sometimes? Am I embarrassed by that? No. Do I
regret it? I don’t. I’m very grateful to have experienced it. It doesn’t
happen that often. Would I do it again? Probably not in such a hurry. It
took 7 years for me to agree to date him. When I say I wouldn’t do it
again in a hurry, I meant I wouldn’t rush into another marriage in a
hurry because all the love in the world is still not enough to sustain a
marriage. There are other key components.  

is more to read in the 12 page spread of our new issue with captivating photo-shoots in her home and exclusive photos of her gorgeous twins.

have to get the new edition of HELLO! Nigeria Magazine this May to read
everything about how Chief Nike dealt with the
pregnancy,  find out the delivery process and their beautiful names
plus exclusive details about the paternity and more about the future

You don’t want to miss this one.


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  • I'm in medical field and have many women with endometriosis that have their own biological children and famous among them is Padma Lakshmi. This woman is sick and very superficial. I remember telling a friend years ago that if she will ever in this world have. Child either biological or adopted, is going to be a white child. This woman – Nike is very calculating in all forms and it doesn't come to me as a surprise that those kids were white afterall for most part of her life, she only dated white men. What a shallow, vain, superficial and unsecured woman. Her insecurity is from here to eternity. Cage is as fake as they come. This wan have no regard for anyone and she doesn't have one for her mother too . Forget those nonsenses she said in her interviews.

  • "I chose to have them look like my family" wow how daft is this butt (wink)collecting woman? Your babies don't look like your family cos darling you are BLACK so stop deceiving yourself stupid. It is OK to adopt kids of other races but admit the truth moron.

  • Why are you hating? Bad belle #jealousposter. Nike rocks and she is beautiful and she is living her best life the way she sees fit. Go and live yours too.

    • Hating who??? Are you kidding me? Guess is people like you that makes this old woman feel like she is the best thing that have ever happened in Naija. There is nothing about Nike for me to hate. What has she achieved with all her noises. at her age she still live in a rented house. No source of income than all this stupid pageant that she does. Beauty fades my dear and that all she has going for
      Her. Reason for her plastic surgeries that makes her look robust . For your information believe it or not Nike doesn't have a good reputation even among her close friends. I don't like to blow my own trumpet but I have achieved a lot more than Nike. Pls take that to the bank. Hate my foot.

    • If she is not relevant to you why bother commenting about her. Then you are making her relevant. The sad part is she doesn't even know you exist . Do you know how much it cost to have one child surrogated here in the states, talk less of twins. The legal fees, medical etc. and you call her poor. This mentality that if one is not a doctor or lawyer then you don't have a job. She is probably far richer than you'd never know, I don't know how she hustled her money-but guess what, it is her money and again like I said this fine woman is living her life and she rocks! Go and lick your envy. #nayoubsabi

    • Hmmmm!!! Is all about having low self esteem. Having a white child doesn't guarantee they will have a more privileged life over a black child. Is all about how they were brought up, education and their family pedigree. Nike is screwed up and needs to wake up from her dream life to a real life. I wouldn't in a million years pray to be this woman or emulate anything she does

    • My dear you are not. Just enjoy yourself and do as your heart directs. life is short, bi racial children are cute.

  • Anon 4.13am, obviously you are not in the medical field if not you will know that endometriosis DOES cause infertility depends on the stage, a quick google search will confirm that.

    I was diagnosed with endo through a laparoscopy, the lap also showed that previous scarred tissue from the endo irreparably destroyed my tubes and also wiped out my eggs (cos the scars where on my ovaries too). I have since given birth to two kids via donor eggs and my hisband;s sperm. My sister too has endo but she had children naturally.

    So please because of your desire to castigate someone you hate, please stop spreading untruths about endo because we are trying to raise as much awareness as possible about this disease.

  • why white kids?
    Mama Oshi well done
    tot her husband is a black man or she has left him?

  • Like it or not you are a very venomous hate filled woman, your comments says it all, if you have achieved all that you claim to have achieved why hide under an anonymous commenter, identify yourself for all to see and then we can judge for ourselves and take whatever it is that is our result of our discoveries of your so called achievements to the bank. Very sad and bitter person. Shame on you, like Nike has ever begged for money to maintain her superfluous lifestyle that you claim. I have never met Nike nor do I know her but I am sick of women tearing each other down rather than uplift one another. RUBBISH.

    • Anon. 10.16 pm .hmmmm!!! Last time I checked, your many comments it was anonymous too. Very hypocritical statement. Please tell Nke to get her own permanent house to bring those kids up and stop living a fake life. Perhaps she could have used the money from her many runs to secure a permanent resident for herself before bringing those kids from US. This is a woman that moves around from one house to another with her so called husband and even live in hotel for almost ayear in Lagos. Listen I didn't want to go there but since she does seems like she is your Messiah I will give a little to make your day.. Your so called rich Noke the same that says she couldn't afford to take care of her mother house and car in Lagos and sent her to Ibadan is now rich? Or the same woman that that said she had to sell her jewelry to maintain herself and Dr Soleye after she had made the man broke due to her fake outrageous lifestyle. The same Nike that went with her husband Dr Soleye to see the same Governor that is financing her now . She made her husband too drunk in the hotel left him behind and went to see the governor alone. She left her husband 6 months after she had gotten the money that was meant for her husband from the governor. Wondered what kind of training she will give those kids. She is nothing but a mean spirited woman with no heart. She treated Dr Soleye like rag and left him dry when the money was gone due to her wasteful lifestyle . The man is a shadow of himself thanks to your Messiah Nike.His families and friends doesn't want o have anything to do with him or bail him out because of Nike as they all warned him not to deal with her because of her past. She is very cold,calculating and ruthless and believe only in her Senegal power

    • @ anon 10.16 But you are anonymous too. I'm not going to get involved between you guys but I will tell you that Nike do begged for money. She is an Hustler and she lives on men. Pleads don't get me wrong as I'm not trying to take side or bring her down as that is not the reason for my comment . I'm inly responding to your comments. This woman have no business having kids as she doesn't like kids and she said it herself years ago when she was going out with Kamal. She said then that she doesn't like kids. I understand what it is to have endometriosis but she said she have the medical condition when she was being attacked and called a vain woman for saying for she doesn't want to have kids because she loves the life that she lives. I remember she said them that she have her nephews and nieces to look up to as her own kids . I understand people changes their mind but not with this woman. She is only have the kids to cover face make herself relevant. This woman is calculating and believes Nd care only about herself. The governor and one of her ex Lebanese man helped her with the process and is a shame that anyone will be part if this process for a woman that is selfish and have no maternal instinct whatsoever. As per the other anonymous, I totally wondered too why she still lives in a rented house by now. With the kind of men she has gone out with and still going out with I expected her to live in her own house by now. Guess priority differs. But with kids, one need a more stable life and place to bring them up. She doesn't both and it just doesn't make sense to me what point she is trying to make for having white kids as those kids doesn't look biracial. That shows her superficiality and complex being.

    • Shame on you too. Don't be an hypocrite and identify yourself too Nike's advocate. Of course she runs after men for money and she is so legendary doing that. Are u kidding me?she has always be an high class run girl among white and Lebanese men. Ask Kamal about Nike and come back to talk about Nike being an Angel. Pls give me a break.Here you are pointing accusing finger while you are anonymous too. Why don't you do what you preach and identify yourself. Is not about tearing each other down but about speaking the truth . In response to your comments, Nike is nothing but an Hustler and a professional beggar. Forget about all the nonsenses she talks about. Is not about someone being jealous of her but about saying it as it is. Have you ever heard anyone attacking or running down both Bianca Ojukwu and Helen Prest Ajayi? This 2 women were former beauty queens two and Helen had her own share of men too before she settled down with her second husband. And they do write about both of them too so that tells you is not about people being jealous of her little beauty compared to those two. Is about her character and attitude afterall beauty is only a skin deep. Nike have no moral character and her attitude sucks. She believes in nothing except money and power. I Honestly feels their is a motive for having those kids that have nothing to do with natural love having her own kids. She only love Nike and that is it. She doesn't even have a solid business that brings money on a daily basis except the occasional pageant stuff that she runs and for how long can she do that? Beauty fades she might need to digress to something more substantial. She said she despised being attached to nothing but a former beauty queen yet she does nothing except organizing one beauty pageant or another. She is as fake as they come. Before she separated from Dr Soleye word on the street was that she had to sells her jewelries to maintain their upkeep and when nothing was coming for the man as he promised Nike, she bailed and this is the same woman that have 2 kids by surrogate? She is up to no good and this is for financial gain and not because she loves kids. Will see how far she can put up with those kids before she take them back to US for keep and bring them back when fhey grow up for show off. This woman have no good intentions having those kids except for her selfish reason that has always be her goal.

  • WHO CARES??? Blog deal? Nothing is ever real about this lady and it reflects in the kids. Those kids were adopted. She makes herself to be that high and she is not all that. She should just go away back to where she comes from. She is nothing but a fake and shallow minded lady.

  • Wow, this same Nike attacker and her rubbish English. You must be an insider. I have a feeling it's Omouai or Ene (yep same Ene) who's spilling all these. Those kids will be her next pay packet sha. That one is for sure.

    • I don't think is a secret how mean,cold and calculating Nike is. You really don't have to be an insider to know her business. All you have to do is to mention her name among these so called big girls and Girl, they will be more than glad to tell you her low down and reason for this is because she is not a nice person and doesn't have regards for elders including her own mother too. Simple as ABC. This kids were just to secure her pay pocket and not for any other thing. People like Sandra Bullocks, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopted black kids because they cares and here we have a black woman that have a complex issue and unsecured in her own skin.

  • bring back our girls that is all we want now..set aside your bickering and nike drama and lets unite

  • Secure her pocket means she will solicit funds from men for the kids. A new excuse to tax the aristos. Is that hard to understand?

  • Nike is a sick woman and wondered who give kids to this woman. I really feels for those kids having such an unstable woman as a mother. There is a screw missing in her brain. She loves to court controversy and wondered why. Rich men in nigeria loves biracial ladies. So here you go Nike as Here comes your future ATM. Guess those people that says you are very calculating were right.

  • Poor children. Their nightmare is just beginning. Madam will leave them for nannies and stewards to raise. Someone please tell her that motherhood is a fulltime, emotionally demanding, forever job. One can't take a break from parenting. This is not like buying the latest breed of exotic dog. God help the poor kids.

    • AMEN. You are is right and couldn't have said it better. Pls tell the crazy anonymous that said people were sad and empty just because they said it as it is. Look at Bianca Ojukwu and Helen Prest Ajayi both former beauty queens with a good head on their shoulders and not done psycho frozen face woman that is in denial and confused about who she is. This woman is nothing but plastic and her time is gone and she needs to move aside as the young ins have taken over. No one cares about her and her fakeness. Those kids are were just one if the antics she uses to make herself relevant again .#goawayasnoonecares

  • You are all sad and empty women, if all of you know so much about her runs and things all of you must be doing the runs together that is why you can all give us these detailed accounts of her bedmates.Shameless women both married and single.

    • If there is anyone that is sad and lonely please look no further as Nike fits that description. She is the perdon trying to make herself relevant when her time is expired. No one cares about this woman that has been nothing but a runs girl for years. She adopted those kids at 48 becsuse lonely as no one cares about her again. I wouldn't pray to be her in a anyway as she is nothing to be emulated and feel bad for those poor kids having such a crazy woman as adopted mother.

  • anon. 1.59 am really??? You left your comments at 1.59 am so I can understand the nonsense. that you left was as a result of your bad dream. Are you kidding me ? Wow!!! The situation was the reverse as if there is someone that is sad and empty is no other person than your Messiah – Nike. Everything you said applies to her. She is sad. Empty, miserable and shameless. Go figure. Perhaps she is your tole model and if you can tell me one thing she has ever done that have an impact in the community perhaps that might make me to be jealous if her. Hmmmmm who
    Knows? She have no permanent person in her life except the many married men she goes out with that she cannot even call her man. She went to adopt kids at. 48 becsuse no one cares about her and her plastic frozen face. Even her own family cannot stand this crazy woman. She is the Halle Berry of nigeria . Beauty with no brain and talent and are only relevant and known for their exterior/shallow and crazy interior. Honestly and this is with all honesty, I wouldn't pray to ever be Nike Never and ever. She is very sad and very empty. None of her so called friends have nothing pleasant to say about this woman not a single soul. She said it herself that "No one cares for her among her friends. Why would they? When she have no rnanners or respects for her senior. Pleaseeee!!' This will be my last comment about this screw missing woman that is nothing but someone that runs after married men for money and acts like she is primp and proper. Who is Nike and her pedigree? Nothing but a girl from Ibadan that is fake,vain,rude,superficial,empty, Sad , miserable and very lonely and act like she is some Aristo. She talks like she have her life together which is a false . Talk is cheap. Said what I need to say and I'm done. #goodbyefelicia

  • Empty runs women and husband snatchers I said it and I will say it again and again you are all in the same runs business like her that is why you people know so much about her shenanigans. If her plastic surgery pains you lot so much, ask one of your Aristos to fund it, instead of mixing cheap bleaching creams and looking like patch dolls #empty #sad #povertydisease

  • I'm neither a fan or hater of this woman. To be honest, I hadn't heard anything particularly negative or positive about her before this. Maybe except of course the demise of her marriage to Dr S. Anyway I believe these kids were born through surrogacy and her eggs were used. So, that would make them her biological children. They don't look white though. They've got very apparent black features but from their skin tone, it's obvious she picked a white donor (so, they are mixed race). Now, is that right? It's her prerogative. I would definitely NOT do that but it's her choice. Her defense is that the rest of the children in her family are mixed race and so she wanted her kids to look similar and not have to feel weird, ask questions especially with the lack of a father in their lives. Since it was also mentioned that she dates predominantly Caucasian men, she may have plans to settle down with one much later. She may have used that foresight to make the decision. Her thinking might be "at least they won't be too paranoid about how they were conceived since they look like family and the race of their parents explains it as well. Of course when they are older she will need to tell them the truth, especially as it's public knowledge. All the best raising them!