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Would this very timely change of allegiance be a major advantage at this point in time? We would soon know. Before now, it was like the incumbent action Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi & ousted former Governor Segun Oni, who was then with the PDP were sworn enemies. Reason being that, it was Kayode Fayemi’s party that threw a spanner in the wheel of the then Governor Oni’s wheel of progress. 

After Segun Oni was declared Governor in Ekiti State then, the AC went all the way to remove him as Governor. They succeeded through the Courts after all of 3 years, so the PDP and Segun Oni who couldn’t believe what had happened to them then were bitter. Though they tried through the Courts to reverse the judgement, they were unsuccessful all through. 

Now that the incumbent, who has worked remarkably well is seeking for a 2nd term to consolidate on his 1st term, alignments and re-alignments to position very well for a monumental fight (election) come the next few weeks (June 21, 2014) have meant that former enemies are throwing down their weapons, sheathing their swords to embrace peace, in order to fight a common enemy. 

Apparently not liking how his former party (the PDP), which is hell bent on wrestling power away from Fayemi and his party picked their aspirant & even the choice of aspirant (Ayo Fayose), the former Governor Oni has since jumped ship and now is a member of the APC (All Progressives Congress) . 

So would this be bringing the much needed support that would help annihilate the opposition made up of the very formidable Ayo Fayose on one side and the indefatigable Micheal Opeyemi Bamidele on the other side, time will surely tell, if this allegiance is a masterstroke.


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  • Oh dear see how low Oni has sunk. In APC, Fayemi will use him and eventually dump him. In a few years time he will be back to PDP.

  • Oni is not relevant and he is poor so he need the APC money. Not interested in their politics just an observer