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We just came across this prayer purportedly said by award winning Nigerian Film Director, Screen Writer & Film Producer, the super talented Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen. It’s obvious like all right thinking human beings should be, that he is immeasurably angry about the Chibok girls situation.

The said prayer was broad casted by Seun Oloketuyi of Naijahottestgist and we thought it was a well intended prayer point, every one should say a resounding AMEN to. 

Hear him- 

For all those who have deprived #Chibok girls from celebrating their
mothers today…I curse the earth upon which your feet are standing
right now to start to burn, I decree poison upon your waters that you
will drink..the air around you to become acidic…and heaven upon you to
rain fire and brimstone…Utter destruction has become your
destination…because you take delight in destruction you shall be
consumed in your I have pronounced this verdict the God of Heaven okays……It shall be beautiful again in and around our Nation
Nigeria….It’s well……………….

Happy Mother’s Day…Dear mothers…
And I say big Amen


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  • Lancelot said "Utter destruction shall become your destination" very good prayer but be careful oo the Gov,cos karma is a bitch you have wronged a lot of people. Hmmm

  • Amen. It's not about depriving them of celebrating mothers day, it's a pain they don't know when it'll end.