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She’s young, fabulous & well to do. Ever stylish in that very simple and classy way!!! She’s has been rated as one of the very best in her world, some even rate her top 2 best in the entertainment industry. In the last few years she has become a money spinning machine, classy and well paid for endorsements dots her CV, likes of Etisalat & various others. 

Her brand spanking new machine is a Mercedes Benz G Wagon (G 63) AMG, hers is even American Specs. It couldn’t have been less than a 2013 edition. And if not, it would most definitely be a 2014 edition. She’s being referred to as the ‘Julia Roberts of Africa’, one of the few that is world recognized and has been on CNN, Oprah Winfrey Show & the likes. 



The machine couldn’t have set her back less than N33 million Naira. According to car buffs, ‘this G-Wag’ which is the 2nd to the ultimate in the G wagon series, (the numero uno is the G 65, which is not for boys, but for men; goes for from $350,000) but the G 63 starts from $125,000 to $175,000 depending on where you buy from, either in Europe or the US; it also depends on the options. 

The G Wagon has become the ultimate level announcer in Nigeria now. You want to show that you play in the topmost Liga, then part of your swag includes this. Apart from our lady of style, the only other well known users/owners of the G Wagon in the industry are David Adedeji Adeleke, 21, aka OBO aka Davido, his is G55 AMG, he is also said to own an S63 AMG, another entertainer who also owns one is J Martins, his is a G55 AMG & last but not the least is Ibinabo Fiberesima, the AGN president. 

For the ladies in the industry, Genevieve Nnaji, 35 seem to have thrown down the gauntlet, come to think of it, even for the guys oooooo. She’s raised the bar- Catch me if you can, she seem to be saying. N30 million plus car no be beans ooooooooo!!!!!!!

Good one again dear!!!


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  • Where is all the money coming from?, what movies has she doing lately, what endorsements? Basically, who is she fcuking? She is overrated…

    • @11.44 pm. You said it right. You took it out of my mouth. Let me just say this before Genievieve fans start cursing. Just because you idolize her doesn't make her a Teflon. Not everybody will like her irrespective of who she is . Having said That, I'm so glad someone finally sees it from my side. This lady is too overrated. She is a good actress and no one can take that away from her but her ego is just too much. When was the last time she acted in a film? And she lives such an extravagant lifestyle before what she makes. I'm counting her money but is obvious that she has too acted a leading role for a while. I said this with no pun intended. Since she was a drop out from secondary school due to her pregnancy she needs to go
      Back to school. Take a GCE or WAEC and have a degree. Money is not everything is
      Life . You can go further in life if you are educated. By the time that she retired from doing movies and with an education, she can go further even in her old she. With all the time dhe has gallivanting all around the world doing nothing but having fun and having vacations , she can go to school. Look at Oluchi and Agbani despite all the fame and money that got, they both went back to school and have a degree. Even Omowunmi Akinnifesi went to London for 2 years for her masters that to me us what is called beauty and brain. She could have wasted those 2 years doing nothing . You make hays while the sun shines. BEAUTY AND FAMES FADE. DUMP IS FOREVER. She is just too overated

  • hope Genny is investing, MOVIE Scripts will dry up, G wagon or whatever will become obsolete someday, wise investment is what remain.just a word!

  • Her interview on CNN was a disaster. No deep language skills. A pretty face will not take you far. But a rich sugar daddy would, at least up until you are no longer hot. Cars depreciate in value the minute they are driven off the car lot. Only a good education and solid talent can sustain you. Unfortunately, you lack both.

  • Its a birthday gift from her current 6ft PLUS Tall Rich Extremely Generous & Kind Boyfriend who lives in Accra (no *HE* is not ghanaian).

    No, I cant tell you the secret am sorry.

    I swore an oath.

    (i deserve insults and mschewwws – its ok i understand – but i cant tell)

    G+S = <3 🙂

  • Anonymous spewing nonsense – You must really hate her – they way you are spewing nonsense.

    Like i said She has a boyfriend whom she is been seeing lately. He is nobodys 2nd hand, Never been married,He is filthy rich wealthy and overly generous to even his friends, let alone the woman he loves. Personally I want them to work out for them – He is the kindest man i know.

    Having that much hate in your heart and your tongue causes severe cancer. Becareful – the cancer will slowly eat your flesh

    • It will eat you first IJN. Whatever you wish someone else will come back to you triple. You are not only ignorant but stupid and clueless. How dare you wish someone something bad just because they said their mind. The Media do worst and we live in a world that everyone is entitled to own opinions. Who cares about the kind of man she goes out with? At the end of the day when the beauty fades and the movie roles stop coming , she needs something to fall back to . There is something about being educated that cannot be put in words. She is a secondary school dropout and needs to show her daughter that money and FAMES can be taken away but your certificate cannot. You can get a ministerial position if you are educated but there are a lot of positions that cannot be given to you if you are not. Look at Erelu Dosunmu with all her connections dhe could have gotten one of the juicy positions if she had been educated. She is a king maker am when she could have been King herself . Perhaps you are not educated reason why you took the comments personal. Even Genievieve said in one if her interviews that one of her wishes in life is to have a degree. Talk is Cheap, action talks. She should stop talking about it but take the actions. She can invest money in education than buying all these material stuff that have no future value.

    • Response to anon.3.31 pm. Who cares if she bought a million dollars car? At the end if the day, she is an uneducated person. You are wrong for wishing a cancer on anyone simply because they said their mind which they have every right to. Just because you see it from a materialistic aspect doesn't make it right and will be wrong for someone to wish you such a disease. You are uneducated and an ignorant animal. Genievieve said it herself that she will love to have a degree. Do what is your headache Genievieve advocate. Why do you have to take pain pills for someone else's headache. Did you watch her CNN interview? Perhaps you should before you open your big mouth talking about her rich boyfriend. Who cares if she goes out with Bill Gates? She needs to build up her name with something more substantial. She is getting older and the earlier the better. She is always talked about her material acquisitions or vacations instead of going to school to acquired an education. If you can go back and watch Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3, you will see the difference between someone that is educated to someone that is famous with the educational background. Nene might be financially richer than Kenya but their approach and how they argues shows Kenya's educational background. Dhe was calm, well composed and very well spoken. Same applies when Nene was on Celebrity Apprenticeship against Star Jones. Nene was all about shouting while Star pointed it out that there is a way that an educated person argues when they are under pressure compared to someone that is not. Eat your heart out stupid shallow vain Genievieve 's advocate

  • true talk…i was proud of agbani and omowumi…open university is handing out scholarships to celebs tho

  • Nigerian women and material things ehn? see description nah….he's filthy rich sooooo what??? take a seat gossip

  • Stop hating people if u guys have as much money u will book for d car that has not be made.let's be realistic guys she is very rich she deserve to go for d best

    • Hating on who??? There is
      Nothing about her for me to hate. I honestly do
      Not see anything to be hated in someone with no formal education, have a child at 17 and couldn't even tell who her father is Really??? Pleaseeeee!!! Perhaps you should go to Hip Tv and hear what Baba Ali said about Patience Jonathan not being educated. Stupid gullible people Every time someone says their mind is all about either being jealous or being an hater. Give me a break!!! I don't count her money but could care less if she bought the car for a billion

    • @10.19pm. I for one wouldn't hate on someone just because they bought a car for 33 million that the value drop to half the second is driven out of the car lot. Her interview on CNN shows her lack of education despite all her exposure . Not being hater but just saying it as it is. Life is not about money and material stuff which doesn't give you reflect and acknowledgement in certain places. What gives you respect is all about your humanitarian spirit /education and your brain.

  • Wow. Just one person has been typing all these epistles. Haba. What can fa? How can you hate someone so much? Someone you don't even know? And who doesn't know you? Don't you feel stupid? I like how you haters always manage to throw in an 'I'm not a hater' in your hate rant. Just sit down and read all your comments. Do you not see that you hate her? And what is the reason? If she doesn't want to go to school nko how does it concern or affect you? Can you live and let live? Who died and made you judge of what's right and wrong? If she had a baby at 13 nko? How does it affect you? Nigerians are such a hateful bunch. And on Sundays it's people like you that will first go to church and lift your hands highest. Please learn to leave other people to live their lives. Its not your life alright? Mind your own life. P.s: 20 comments from you will not change anything about Genevieve. Keep that in mind when you want to go on your next round of commenting.

    • Sorry o madam epistle. lol preach on. Will not dignified your diarrhea mouth with a response. Genievieve FAMES fades.

  • Who cares? The comments were on point. I saw the CNN Interview and I cringed. When she was asked what she has done for the community or uses her status to do. She froze up and was just blabbering nonsenses. First and foremost those kind of interview are scripted and the questions were given to the celebrity Publicity before the interview to get them prepared to avoid any embarrassment . Going on that kind of show she could have spent money on someone to prep her instead of soending on Rolex, birkin and a car. She made herself look like a fool and it shows her lack of knowledge to international viewers. Simple. She hired a stylist and paid a lot while she needs to hire a teacher. She is materialistic, shallow and vain. I for one could give a hoot if she buys the world.

  • True, no one is famous forever but fame does follow some whether they like it or not. Deny it till today becomes tomorrow, your hate really shows and it is only you, yes same one, posting these comments. It is no one's business what she does with her life. The consequences are hers and hers alone. I do not believe she will come to you begging for anything, and I do not also believe she asked for this post so you could bash her. She is her own person and is not asking for approval from people like us who do not know zilch about her. Let her be; degree or no degree. You will never see anything good in her, so let her be. All the best.

  • but I don't see anything bad in people here suggesting she gets back to school
    i didn't watch the CNN interview but I know Omotola has bn on CNN and didn't get this kind of bashing
    there's a level we get to in life that one just have to put his/her acts together
    as far as i know have not really seen her face on any cover in d last one year so instead of wasting away, she could make good use of her free time and get educated, I don't think it's as expensive as ignorance, even her future billionaire husband wld really want an educated woman beside him in future.
    the 1st lady of Nigeria is not making Nigerians happy and this wld have bn avoided if she had done the right thing years ago.


    • You are so on point. Couldn't understand while anon12.44pm felt she was being hated just because people said their minds which in retrospect was true and the truth in most cases hurts. Perhaps she is her publicity. If so, she needs to advice her what the people feels about her. She is a celebrity and being critique unfortunately is part of being a celebrity. I don't think anyone will care or write about me for heavens sake. Talking about Patience Jonathan, please don't get me started on that woman. She is nothing but a disgrace and an embarrassment to both her husband and the country. Honestly, this woman needs to stop opening her mouth in public. She said "Na only you waka come". What a loser woman. Just like Genievieve, she have all the resources and time to educate and improve herself to avoid this kind of embarrassment but she chose to focus on spending millions of money on jewelry and material stuff . Stupid ignorant people

    • Anon 11.55 aka the same anonymous who has been typing all over this post, now that hy bunny has validated you, you will rest abi? Thank God. Look at you saying 'people said their minds'. What people? You. You. You! You're all over the place hating on someone and trying to make it seem like there are numerous people commenting. Na wa for you o. Your hatred is deep. Deeeeep. We've seen you educated woman. Oya rest ehn? Its ok. Carry your education and rest. HATER OSHI.

  • @12.37 pm Honestly you are not only ignorant but also gullible and I'm done dignifying your comment with a response. Have a good life Ms Genievieve spokesperson. Go and get your one cent from her . Bye Felicia

    • And you are not only a hater but you are also pathetic and you have no life. I'm not done replying you so if you have more hate rants, bring them on. Till we meet again Ms Hate filled Trash. Go get your life. Bye. P.O.

  • why do people fill they have to defend celeb or speak against them..genevieve doesn't know both of you …rest abeg.

    • See me o!!! One tells the other to get a life when she needs to get life too. Even twins doesn't see things same way. We all needs to respect each other views

  • I just think there is a difference btw being educated and going to the university especially Nigerian university … That being said I also think Genny is educated but she jt has nt gone to university yet … N I also think if u call urself educated cos u went to university am shocked at ur way of thinking … How many Hollywood star r uni graduate pple … Get educated not jt or necessary uni degree …

  • The first girl to own a G63 in Nigeria is Bunmi Olatunji.She is very quiet as far as I know and I know she has a fleet of other top of the range cars.We r just hearing about Gen ' cos she is an actress.Helloooo Lekki girls hav turned G Wagon to water.No big deal.Guys like us don dey fear.loooooool…

  • I've known bunmi olatunji for a while now and she used to be so cute. Now she's a shadow of her old self, thanks to the old man doling out cash to her. Seriously I've noticed that girls who date old men are aging very fast, more than they should, while their old men are becoming more agile. There might be gwagons and private plane trips but trust me, you will get old and he will move on to the next youngin.

    • Wow you obviously don't know Bunmi.If you did and have seen her face to face recently,you will understand why the old Mugu is spending that way.Anyways I heard she is getting married so She can't be that bad…

    • Hehehehe loool dat girl no dey old o!I am looking for her in dis Lasgidi. Heard she is super coded.Please let us leave her out of public eye as she has FINALLY decided to settle down.G Wagon don cause wahala for Lagos.

  • Lol… My goodness! It's so funny how all the comments trashing Genevieve are full of grammatical errors. How ironic. People with degrees from one local university feeling all educated with themselves, yet can't write one error-free sentence. You better free Genevieve, otherwise you may never own one decent car in your life.

  • Ehn educated ones. Where has your degree taken you? No be this same Nigeria? There over 500k graduates without any job in Nigeria. Face it, being educated doesn't mean going to school. Truth be told, most of us went to school just because we taught it'd make us richer at the end. Besides the girl has so many endorsement deals, I suggest u go find some way of being relevant instead of trashing someone else. CNN Don interview u? Has your education made them notice your existence? You guys can be very negative at times. Even if u want to suggest she goes back to school, can't you do it politely without all the insults?

  • I really can't believe Nigerians! Kai! Why so bitter? You sit in your own little corner and analyse someone else's life. Please Gene is educated. Education isn't about going to Uni. Plus ppl go to uni to get good jobs and make money. So think about your life "oh you educated ones" and wonder why an "uneducated one" is making more money than you are.

  • All you who say Bunmi Olatunji. My prayer for you is to never find yourself in such situation. All that glitters is not gold. Yes she has a Gwagon, yes she has a massive house but will you trade your soul and destiny to date an over grown Sugar daddy who already has 2 wives at home because of material things that will become obsolete in a few years. Bunmi has no shame and has sold her soul, her family and mortgaged the destiny of her children to the devil for mere material gains. Never emulate such, neither should you pray to be in her position because tomorrow tells another tale. #JustSaying.