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If by God’s grace all the permutations and calculations work out like it is been planned, then come 2015 the first son of multimillionaire Kwara strong woman, Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya, in the person of Sheriff Shagaya might become one of the Honourable members of Federal House of Representatives in Abuja, the FCT, in Nigeria. This House of Representatives dream is only a first part of the blue-print, with the ultimate dream being the Governorship come 2019. 

According to the little we could gather, Hajia Bola Shagaya has begun the actualization of her very well laid plans in earnest and she’s leaving no stone unturned to perfect these plans. The defection of the former Governor of the State, in the person of Senator Bukola Saraki & by extension that of the incumbent Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed and their supporters from the PDP is said to have even made things a lot easier for madam to initiate the 1st part of her plans. Madam has since then assumed the topmost position as the de facto boss of the PDP in Kwara State, one of the ways through which she feels would make it easier for her to actualize her plans. Also coupled with the kind of influence she now has, as a very close friend of the first lady and the promise she’s said to have made of delivering Kwara State back to the PDP at all cost, all things being equal her plans might work out.


What is it that can actually stand in her way? For if it is influence, she has in over abundance, especially the ever listening ears of the most powerful woman in Nigeria. Who we hear can make anything happen.  If it is money, many acclaim to the fact that she is a multimillionaire many times over, she’s even said to be a billionaire in Naira and one of the richest in the country. What about power? Easy at most, as the party structure in her state has by default fallen into her hands!!!Also if things work out as planned, we hear she might even be named as the Director of Finance in the Campaign team for the re-election bid of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. So it’s like everything has been well thought about, very well ahead.

So who is Sheriff Shagaya himself? Not that much is really known about him, apart from the fact that he is the suave and gentleman first son of the very influential Hajia Bola Shagaya. He is a known Polo buff.  He is thought to have done well business too. He is a director at his mom’s group of companies and apparently the MD of Phoenix Energy. He got married to the former Miss Maryam Bamanga Tukur, (that’s the daughter of the former Chairman of the PDP) sometime back at one of the weddings of the year then.

So would it be a good transition from private business to politics? It could very well be, if all things work out. Are we looking at the next Governor of Kwara state in the making? Most likely!!!

It’s only that the main obstacle towards that ambition would be the Sarakis. On one side is Senator Bukola Saraki, who can match Hajia Shagaya money for money, influence for influence, guile for guile and etc and he is in the opposition & on the other side is Senator Gbemi Saraki, Senator Bukola Saraki’s younger sister who we hear enjoys a no-love-lost-relationship with Hajia Shagaya; and so would do anything to truncate Hajia’s ambition. 

So let’s wait till 2015 to see who wins the first round!!!


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  • Aloba am not so concern about bola n her son . Wat I want to realy no if by wat I read on another blog (SDk)is true! (1)Oby Ekwesili the former minister for Education is Obasanjo's long lost Daughter.?? Also that Dbanj is late Admiral Aighgbe's son.??? Hummmmmm anytin can happen sha. Its on stelladimokokorkus and d post is on A RAPE CASE,the blogvisitor was Raped by a senetorial aspirant in the hotel. Find that case too.

  • Thanks @Fan, we've got verified gists here. Even more than Aloba.

    I noticed hajia has stepped down on makeup and dressing…

  • Bola Shagaya is the leader of AGIP (All Government in Power)Na wa for this woman.She always wants to be relevant in every government,that is how she used to run after the Babangida family…Ummmmhhhhhh

  • Sheriff's family has been lucky with getting away with money they stole and continues to steal from the people. Oil subsidy thieves! His mother Bola is an atrocious woman. Now they want to use the money they loot from the masses to continue in their evil ways.