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Just before many of the other pictures come in from the out and about at Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s adult store cum Lingerie store launch comes in, we thought to titillate you all with this picture first. Remember you all saw it here first.


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  • Aloha we're is her shop located, I really need that white dildo to give my man a helping hand. #smalltin

  • Lol by stuffs you mean dildos. Where are the dark coloured ones by the way fot those that love it dark.

  • Speaking on dark dildos which I commented on earlier,there's something else in these pictures that are white also "The Bleached Out Faces of these women…I mean gosh must everyone be white. Fake people,fake skin,fake dicks ,fake everything. Why don't you guys go for the real thing including the D*I*C*K*S. Sighs.

    • Must you give yourself high bp? The real thing can come from your hubby if you dont mind. They chose a dildo you are shouting. Take several seats pls, better to use a dildo than mess around. Aids is real.

  • I know some women are shy but needs the real thing. Just a male ladies, you will find a real and lasting cock. 281974ED

  • Someone said her skin was nice in the other picture. Well it was so filtered. See her hands here so black.

  • @anon7.40pm The real D I C K S if you can call them that are lazy selfish mofos, once they are satisfy themselves they roll over and snore,never mind whether you are satisfied or not and if you demand to be satisfied you are accused of being loose and not decent or worse a nympho.So I will take a Dildo anytime. Thank you very much.

  • Am appalled as to how any woman will prefer a dildo to the real thing. Thank You dear God for my wonderful husband.

  • Don't knock it till you've tried it! I've always had a satisfactory sex life but when I tried the rabbit…hmm. No man can give that level of orgasm abeg. it delivers every single time. I swear by my rabbit. If you want real enjoyment, no hang ups or complications, you should try one of these toys.

  • @anon 6.59am, every part of my husband's body is my toy. Am cool with that, no toys pls…
    Olorun ma pa oko mi funmi… amin.

  • if only men can just satisfy themselves without the drama that comes from women once u sleep with them, i wonder why wanking as side effect sef,if not is wanking all the way and allow congi to kill these dildo cum rabbit loving women