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BLAST FROM THE PAST- FEATURING ex-beauty queens & Omena Daniel




We are starting a new feature from today, that we are going to tag “Blast from the past”. Just like the name suggests, it would just chronicle some of our so called “stars” & “celebs” and show how they were a couple of years ago. The idea is basically for fun, let’s just see if very much about them as changed over the last couple of years.

Let’s look at their style evolutions, changes in body structures and things!!! By the time you see how some have had such dramatic changes, you would laugh your stomach out!!!

Basically lets just laugh and have fun, in the midst of all the terrible news and events that envelopes us every minute.

All the pictures above were taken between 2010 & 2011.


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  • Omowunmi….ashawo of Lagos,,,don't let them ministers ruin tear your punanan o at this rate I fear for you ehn

  • She has to diversify her portfolio now…you know she doesn't have a solid career that can fund her own Chanel handbags and Rolex wristwatch, so her last option na to sleep with big boys o. Lol…stupid girl. She is so greedy and desperate to wear high end labels…it's sad

  • You can also tag d pix appropriately eg, pix of 2011, then paste the recent pix †Φ differentiate…btw, your blog doesn't command so much traffic…why?$exyD

    • Who says it does not command much traffic? He chooses the comments he posts. Aloba chooses quality over quantity

  • Oshi o da…Tunde Fowler did not de-flower her. It was actually a small useless boy which I am sure after omowunmi became ms Nigeria, she started denying the guy. Lol.

  • She told her friends that she can never date broke ass guys Or single guyz,that she's so comfortable wit married men,that they pay well. Omowunmi and Reuben abati ,she doesn't care,heard she dey eye Baba Okoya thomas n that's why she's so close to shade Okoya dis days,just tak am easy( junior sister of Nike Oshinowo).