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Whoever says Nollywood is not paying off, had better go repackage their hustle or else pack their bags and move on. Or how else is it that some just seems to have the Midas touch and hr just soaring and hitting the right notes, left, right and center. The way some of the thespians are acquiring cars and properties and things, you would think they are in a hurry to own everything and that the money is so much, they just need to spend an spend and spend.

Just a few days ago we told you and showed you Genevieve Nnaji’s new machine, her Black Mercedes Benz G 63 wagon. A car that defines status and moves one from a bit part player to the real deal and we can bet our little Kobo on it that some of the top people in the industry (mostly the actresses) would already have gone into a frenzy to see who would be the next to either bring in a G65 or even a Ferrari or Porsche. Don’t be too surprised if you see any of those or even a Rolls Royce soon. Anything can happen. Say what! say what!!

One thespian that seem to have gotten my tongues wagging of recent because of her unbelievable car collection, is none other than the super curvaceous Daniella Chioma Okeke, who is never far away from controversies.

She apparently posted a picture of some of her material possessions on the social media very recently; the picture shows a fleet of super cars that includes a Range Rover or was it 2, a Land Rover LR3 & a Lexus SUV. Anticipating an avalanche of reactions she had this to say with the picture-

“”She never said she was the richest but she is far from broke #thankful #grateful #blessed #likerswilllike #haterswillhate #carfreak #rangerover #lexus #Lr3 #cars #daniellaokeke #exceedinggrace #strangeworks #nextlevel” 

Lobatan! Chikena!! What more do we need to say? Daniella Okeke was the main feature in Emem Isong’s Lagos Cougar


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  • Cars doesn't have any value except if its classic…pls invest wisely b4#haterswillhate# donate money for you In future. $exyD