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Long before we heard this superb remix, we had loved to high heavens the other Girlie O, by that we mean the original rendition. The rhythm, the flow and all was just a breath of fresh air and we just flowed with it and marked out Patoranking for greatness. The whole jam just followed a very simple baseline and rhythm and Pato just flavoured it with easy words, but in a sweet sonorous way.

When we heard that a remix was in the offing, we were a bit sceptical, wondering what new flavour could they possibly add to a winner already, so we were expecting the remix to either be great or that it would bomb out!!!Loads of remix we had heard before only just nearly killed the original.

But alas!!! A super duper collaboration is what has come out. Would this be the beginning of other great collabos? We hope! Tiwa ‘the sonorous Maven’ Savage held her own superlatively, she wasn’t just a bystander, but an outstanding part of a mix. Men!!! her vocal ability is super and it was even obvious that if not held in check, she might have gone many notch up, blasting to smithereens the owner of the jam…………. that is in a good way. Boy!!!Tiwa can dance and you could see it in some of the little gestures and moves she made in he video, she’s a dynamite that was obviously held in check.

This is one remix that was worth the wait, we totally love it. Patoranking would without any fear, serenade and impress in Kingston, Jamaica with this jam.

Kudos peeps!!! Much grease!!!


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