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If you are one of those who haven’t been seeing very much of the gorgeous mother of one behind the Ariaba Lifestyle brand around, unlike how it used to be before, and have been wondering what she’s been up to, it’s because she has been very preoccupied working on a project that meant so much to her.  

Preoccupied doing what? Building, partitioning, decorating etc. All of late last year till a few weeks back, the gorgeous wife of the tall and handsome Lolu Sodeinde who with Owen Aisien were the promoters of the now defunct but very successful Rehab Night Club & Lounge, that used to be on Ajose Adeogun, had been working on her own mall. Mall? Wow!!! Good one.

The newly opened mall is located at 27, Fola Osibo Street, behind Admiralty Way in Lekki Phase 1 area on the Island, the street has gradually been taken over by many business concerns and would soon be competing with Admiralty Way for he title of the busiest and the most commercial. According to our unconfirmed gist, the mall is a collaboration (co-owned by) between Linda & Abi Kuku. We hear that Abi’s family owns the property that has now been converted to commercial use.

The one storey white building with the brick motif on the fence, we hear is accommodating between 8 & 10 stores; Ariaba, which is Linda’s brand is already opened there, so also a men’s boutique downstairs at the front. There would also be a Salon in there and some other businesses.

Kudos to Linda anyway!


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  • 1)Abi's family owns the property.
    2)Linda opens own mall.
    How is it hers then?
    3)The gorgeous wife? Wasn't it on this same blog that someone corrected you?
    4) Abi and Linda are now partners? I know Abi and Lolu are friends but when it comes to some things these guys do the pass around thing well. I hope not.
    5)Well done to her. It keeps her busy. Sarah Ofili should learn from this. This is how to get busy and make money instead of looking for men who aren't broke. Or even channel some of the money you make from those men into ventures like these.

    • It's so funny when I hear people say Linda and Lolu aren't married. FYI, yes the gorgeous wife. They are Legally married and Linda is currently heavy with their second baby.
      The mall is Lindas'.

  • Really? Pls give me a break! She have no brain to have such project. She is only putting her name on the project and fronting for her friend that is the Governor's daughter. Everything in the dark will surely come to open one day . You guys should keep your ears open and will hear the details soon. Go figure.

  • hahahaha @ linda's new mall.
    And pls before you call someone a hater, fact is fact
    Linda doesn't own the mall. Linda is fronting for a couple of people, one name has been mentioned.

    But if it makes her and a lot of you happy to think she owns something she doesn't, carry on.

    Linda's marriage is beginning to look like Louise priddy's, who took the man's name without marrying him. That said, marriage is not compulsory to a successful relationship or a happy one. If she is happy good on her, if not, she is only fooling herself.

    • Linda and Lolu had a quiet ceremony in their house! Thats why it remains a subject of speculation if they're married or not. I can tell you for free that they are one hundred percent legally married. And from what I see, they are happy. Linda is a snotty, stuck up girl and it's still a wonder how Lolu copes with her. They're so opposite. But they're happy. Love cannot be explained I guess. As for the mall, I can't really tell if it's hers but from what I gather, she's a major stakeholder.

  • Just like how they said her "husband" owned rehab….only for them to be kicked out by landlord.

    Good luck if she owns, good luck if she is fronting, good luck if she is an employee.

  • Hands down fronting. If she is that smart she would have shown that side of her when she was dating her former Hausa sugar daddy that opened the leather store for her at Mega plaza before she was kicked out. The man also sent her packing from her house. She could have had her own mall then when she was dating the mega rich northern man and not now that she is married to Olu That was kicked out of her rehash club for not taking care if his bills . Beauty and being biracial opens door for these ladies but what you do when you are inside is what matters. They all need to do better than polluting the town with their so called boutiques that doesn't pay his own rents. Same applies to Agbani Darego opening her own brand store. Their so called friends and all the big girls were label conscious and wouldn't buy anything that is not brand name with high end labels unfortunately. Bunch of superficial vain people

  • 1)quiet ceremony in their house!
    2)they are one hundred percent legally married.

    Do you know what it means to be legally married?

  • anon 1.30pm lol @ polluting town with boutiques…i agree because the number of boutiques on island i just wonder how much they make sef…or just a front for real "business".

  • Has always been a front jare right from the days of Cocaine Avenue (Allen) and just a few are genuine.

  • when did 8-10 shops become a 'MALL'Nigerians!i haill una oooo.thats how some1 will see a canoe and call it yatch just to hype!choi!pls it is a shopping complex,mall ko!market ni!