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After several months of hard work, tearing down, re-building, partitioning, demarcating, decorating, arranging et al, Lifestyle serial entrepreneur and mother of 2, the indefatigable and highly industrious Toyin Lawani has thrown open the doors of her business headquarters which she has aptly named  Tiannah’s place ‘Empire’. 

The white edifice, with red cladding around it, is located at 10 Fola Osibo Street, behind Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, on the island. Truth be told, its an imposing building.
It’s a big one storey building of about 10 or more bedrooms, that was knocked down inside and redesigned to accommodate all of Toyin’s different business tentacles.  The idea basically, is to have all her businesses under 1 roof. Which is good for monitoring and coordination. So from Tiannahstyling-her celebrity styling brand, to the travel & tour agency, to Amaladotcom her one of a kind restaurant, to her fashion academy, to her fashion house Elegante, to her skin beauty business- Tiannah’s place which comprises of a salon, spa, nail studio and product sales (Tiannah’s Glow) and more. They are now all under one roof. 

Though the place has not been opened officially, by that we mean with a mother of all opening or launch party as is expected, we hear that business is going on there right now. 

For her to open what she has always dreamt of as a world class business empire, just before she went on a short sabbatical to go deliver her few months old baby boy, the then very pregnant Toyin had gone on a trip to Dubai, the US and China to get things for the new place.  And now they have moved from their former base on Oyin Jolayemi, Victoria Island to this new place.

Now with the opening of her new palatial edifice, which must have set back by several millions of Naira, Toyin as already made a signpost of her direction for the future, which is the ambition to take over the world (remember Pinkie & the Brain) and rule it as a giant in the business world. 

As par the date of the official opening, we do not know yet. But if we are informed we would let you all know. 

To Toyin we say, more grease to your hardworking elbow. Kudos Mama Teno!!!

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  • When people comment that stupid ignorant girl will say people are being an hater which I totally found funny as no one is being hater but saying it as it is and not about being jealous and I'm glad my comment about Toyin Lawani will attest to that. This
    Lady drives a range rover and have 2 kids for 2 men and have a married sugar daddy that she nearly breaks breaks his marriage before she got pregnant for her new baby daddy but with all that I have nothing bad to say about her because she is very hardworking,ambitious and an hustler and i said in good way.A lot of girls in her shoes with that kind of beauty/complexion and a boyfriend that spends money on her wouldn't leave their bed and hustler the way and manner that she does. Here she is expanding her businesses and doing all she can through hardwork to be relevant and not some kind of runs girls that uses expenses cars, carrying expensive bags with no source of income. Call her whatever but lazy isn't one of them. How can you hate someone that graduated from school, have a rich boyfriend with influence and still hustling here and there to make name for herself business wise and not being famous for the runs that she this lady have a good shoulder on her head and I have nothing but respect for her struggle. Good for you girl and I wish you nothing but goodluck in your endeavors

    • She is a true hustler and I respect her hustle too unlike all these so called big girls with no source of income that brings money in . The ones that have boutique or spa doesn't even make enough money to cover their monthly overhead. Is all front . Good for you Toyin

  • My dear snon 9 .52 can u take a leaf from toyin and go back to school not polytechnic,proper school where u can get educated…ur english is atrocious,if u cant speak english write in pidgin or ur local dialect…how can u use gbagun to spoil my friday ehen…u r a wicked person….ahannnn fear God

  • Come, are you still trying to propagate your hate on who I think you are? I shake my head for you.

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    • At anon 2.22 pm I am not in support of the anonymous that you mentioned but I am a Liberal and strongly believe in freedom of speech. Everyone have their own opinions in one way or the other and sometimes you may not agree with those comments but it is their own prerogative and I am not advocating for negative comments but you have to understand that all comments left will not always be fair and positive reason why Sites and blogs have a comment disclaimer. Eric Cantona once said and I quoted him "The French have only negative things to say about everything and everyone". Perhaps that anonymous is French. Thank you ,

    • Wow! Love that quote about Eric Cantona. I have never heard that statement about French people before. Very interesting. You learn everyday. Thanks

  • @ Anonymous 9:35 am. Actually the proper way to write English is to not use abbreviations which you did with u , ur and r. So don't diss anyone.

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