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Exotic Automobile Maker- Lamborghini some days back delivered to their Police one of their super cars to do police job. The car is none other than a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

The humongous speed machine was delivered by the President/CEO of the auto company at a ceremony in Rome, Italy a few days back. The Huracan is replacing another speed machine the Gallardo, which the Italian Police had been using since 2004. The Lamborghini Huracan would begin it service by the end of the year. The Huracan would give those driving the Ferraris, Porsches and the likes a run for their money, during high speed chases.

Hmmmmmmm!!!! The pick ups and other cars used in Nigeria by our own Police are most often so terribly bashed in, you wonder if it were animals that must have driven them.

Can we ever get to the height, where we can use such exotic cars as Lamborghinis in our police force?

 The Huracan retails from £186,760, that’s about N52,292,800 for each car.


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  • To answer your question no ooo! Becos Oga at the top will park it in his garage for personal use to take madam or runs out. Or for "official" use meaning drive am to Aso villa when big big Oga at the top calls him for a meeting.